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BPN - 30 déc. 1999
The Return Channel for Interactive DVB-T Restreint

The advent of DVB-T gives a realistic opportunity to provide remote interaction between the broadcaster and viewer.  The in-band return channel (e.g. 1 kbit/s) using the UHF television band is studied in this document.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Requirements for standardisation of Fibre Channel 
Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Constraints on MPEG 4:2:2 P@ML compression 
Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Listening conditions for the assessment of sound programme material 

Recommendation on the listening conditions defined in EBU Tech 3276.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Storage conditions for motion picture film and sound material 

Recommendation setting out the critical environmental parameters for the proper storage of processed acetate motion picture film. This document references EBU Tech 3289 and EBU R74.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Connectors for camera cables with fibre optical transmission 

Recommendation specifying the hybrid optical/electrical connectors to be used between certain camera heads (requiring fibre optical interconnects) and their CCUs.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Format for CodingHistory field in Broadcast Wave Format files, BWF 

Recommendation that specifies a <CodingHistory> field in the <bext> chunk of the BWF with which to record the coding history of the audio signal. This document references EBU Tech 3285, EBU R85 and EBU N22.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Time-and-control codes for television recording 
Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Exchange sound programmes as BWF files on recordable data discs 

The EBU has standardised the BWF file format for sound programme material. Recordable data discs such as CD-R and DVD-R have many attractive features for the exchange of such sound programme files.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Alignment of the longitudinal audio tracks of Betacam SP machines 

Recommendation of an operational alignment procedure for Betacam SP equipment used for international television programme exchange. This document references EBU Rec. R38, EBU Rec. R49, EBU Tech. 3219 and EBU I17.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Allocation ofaudio modes in the AES/EBU audio interface 

Recommended signalling for audio transmission modes in the AES3 audio interace (AES/EBU audio interface, specified in EBU Tech. 3250)

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Active line length in analogue and digital 625/50 television systems 

Recommendation defining the pixels that represent the active picture area in digital signals conforming to ITU-R Rec. BT.601.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Tape alignment leader for the exchange of television programmes 

Recommendation concerning the composition of reference audio signals on tape leaders intended for use in the exchange of TV programmes. This document references EBU R38 and EBU R48.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Preferred video-cassette format for programme viewing purposes 

Recommendation that broadcasters wishing to exchange recording internationally for programme viewing should use the VHS format.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 1999
Film camera viewfinders for television 

Recommendation that when shooting film for television, ground glasses should be used in film cameras that show the camera aperture and the maximum safe scanned area for the film format (outlined in an Appendix).

BPN - 29 juin 1999
Practical Webcasting: for Traditional Broadcasters (LEGACY TEXT) Restreint

This is the report of the EBU Webcasting Project Group. It was published in June 1999 and as the technology has evolved considerably since it was written it should be considered as a historical text.