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BPN - 30 déc. 2001
Future Content Management Systems Restreint

This report provides user requirements for content management in TV production.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 2001
Labelling and identification of 16:9 television tape-recordings 

Recommendation setting out best practice for unambiguously labelling full-frame 16:9 aspect ratio videotape recordings. Issues such as the tape box label, the programme information sheet and the tape leader are discussed.

BPN - 30 déc. 2001
Future content management systems Restreint
Recommendations - 30 déc. 2001
The vinegar syndrome and the storage of cinefilm 

Recommendation concerning the need for broadcasters to regularly assess the state of their film collections for chemical degradation. Brief advice is given concerning best practice for storage of film. This document references EBU R101 and EBU Tech 3289

Tech 3000 series - 30 déc. 2001
Primary Distribution of TV Signals Using MPEG-2 Technologies 

This document summarizes the requirements for the primary distribution of MPEG-2 television signals. The advantages and constraints of the various transmission systems are analyzed. The avoidance of degradation due to cascaded encoding/decoding is also given due consideration.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 2001
High-level rules for systems implementing the SMPTE UMID 

This recommendation provides clarification of the SMPTE UMID Standard and its accompanying Recommended
Practice as far as its use within production systems is concerned.  “High-level” rules to support common understanding of users’ system requirements for the identification of all material types are provided.

BPN - 29 nov. 2001
Propagation Prediction Method for Terrestrial Broadcasting at VHF/UHF Restreint

The ITU-R has issued a new Recommendation for propagation prediction (ITU-R Rec. P.1546). The new Rec contains a field strength prediction method applicable for the broadcasting land mobile, maritime mobile and certain fixed services. This brief details the functions of the new Rec.

BPN - 29 nov. 2001
EBU Webcasting Handbook Restreint
BPN - 29 sept. 2001
New Digital Recording Formats - Tests on Sony IMX (D-10) format Restreint

The EBU, in agreement with the manufacturer, have jointly carried out a range of tests to evaluate the performance potential of the Sony D-10 (MPEG IMX ™ ), MPEG digital videotape recording format for professional television applications. The tests were carried out jointly by the IRT and the RAI.

BPN - 30 juil. 2001
EBU Final Report on the Video Watermarking Tests Restreint
Tech 3000 series - 30 juil. 2001
EBU Tech 3285 Supplement 2: BWF - Capturing Report 

This Supplement to EBU Tech 3285 specifies a new chunk that allows the BWF to carry information on the audio material gathered and computed by a capturing workstation (DAW) and also specifies how existing chunks in the BWF should be used.

Tech 3000 series - 30 juil. 2001
EBU Tech 3285 Supplement 3: BWF - Peak Envelope chunk 

This Supplement to EBU Technical document 3285 contains the specification of a <levl> chunk that contains information about peak audio signal levels in the file.

Tech 3000 series - 30 mai 2001
Preservation and Reuse of Film Material for Television - first edition 

This document offers comprehensive guidelines to broadcasters on the handling, storage and reuse of motion picture film material for TV production. Storage and handling of  degraded, material is addressed. This document references EBU R86, EBU R93, EBU R101 and EBU I28.

Prises de position - 12 avr. 2001
Services audiovisuels et GATS 
Commentaires de l'UER sur les propositions de négociation américaines de décembre 2000.
BPN - 30 janv. 2001
Final Report on Statistical Multiplexing Restreint
BPN - 30 janv. 2001
Reference Chains for the Production of a TV Programme Restreint

The report is the result of an EBU Project Group study in order to define user requirements for the introduction of digital technologies to signal chains whilst maintaining global signal quality (picture, A/V delay, sync. etc.).