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Tech 3000 series - 30 déc. 2005
Specification of the Digital Audio Interface (the "AES/EBU Interface") 

This document specifies a recommended interface (the "AES/EBU" interface) for the serial digital transmission of two channels of periodically sampled and linearly represented digital audio data. This is the third edition of Tech 3250.

Tech 3000 series - 30 déc. 2005
Possible Use of Spectral Band Replication in DAB 

This report assesses whether or not it would be worthwhile to introduce Spectral Band Replication (SBR) in the existing Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) system.

Strategy Reports - 30 déc. 2005
Analogue Switch-off Strategies in Western Europe Restreint

Most countries in Western Europe are now making progress towards Analogue Switch-Off (ASO). In order to better understand these developments, the EBU SIS together with DigiTAG have published this report entitled Analogue Switch-off Strategies in Western Europe.

Recommendations - 30 déc. 2005
Allocation of audio channels on digital television recorders 

This document specifies the allocation of audio tracks in digital television (videotape) recorders.

Tech 3000 series - 29 nov. 2005
Metadata for non-tape-based camcorders for broadcast production 

The purpose of this document is to provide manufacturers and system designers with a definitive view of the Metadata requirements for non-tape-based camcorders being used in a production environment.

Tech 3000 series - 30 août 2005
Band I Issues 

This document discusses the spectrum availability, the technical limitations and advantages of using television Band I (47 - 68 MHz). Future uses for the band are postulated

Tech 3000 series - 29 juin 2005
Evaluations of Cascaded Audio Codecs 

The purpose of this document is to propose some guidance to broascasters as to how it would be possible to avoid excessive quality degradation in practical operations in a typical broadcasting chain that contains a number of different audio compression and decompression schemes (codecs).

Tech 3000 series - 29 juin 2005
Service requirements for free-to-air High Definition television receivers 
This document provides general requirements for free-to-air HDTV reception by DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, or other means. It is a discussion document for manufacturers, broadcasters, operators, and HDTV platforms.
Recommendations - 30 mai 2005
Need for 1920x1080 progressive scanning production equipment 

Recommendation proselytising EBU Tech 3299, which sets out user requirements and parameters for HDTV production systems corresponding to 720p/50, 1080i/25, 1080p/25 and 1080p/50. 

Prises de position - 18 mai 2005
UNESCO - Convention sur la diversité culturelle 
Prise de position sur le projet de Convention de l'UNESCO sur la diversité culturelle
Tech 3000 series - 29 avr. 2005
Digital television test pattern sequence for operational use 

This document specifies a television test pattern sequence that is suited for operational use.

Recommendations - 30 mars 2005
DV compression with a sampling raster of 4:2:0 

This recommendation sets out the constraints thought necessary when using consumer DV camcorders for professional programme acquisition.

Recommendations - 30 mars 2005
User requirements for non tape-based camcorders for broadcast production 

Recommendation setting out the user requirements for non-tape based recorders for broadcast production of standard definition television.

Recommendations - 27 févr. 2005
Submission of Broadcasting Input Requirements for RRC-06 

Information that was intended to assist broadcasters with their submissions of broadcasting requirements to the RRC-06 in 2006.

Tech 3000 series - 27 févr. 2005
Supplement to the Middleware Report 
This document covers in detail what EBU Tech 3300 summarises.
Tech 3000 series - 27 févr. 2005
The Middleware Report 
This report deals with system integration in production facilities. It includes an introduction to the world of IT System Integration, provides various Members' experiences and recommends on 'golden rules'...
Recommendations - 30 janv. 2005
The Need for Format-Agile HD Equipment 

This is the second edition of this statement.