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Recommendations - 18 déc. 2018
Recommended Strategy for Adoption of NGA Technology 

These are the EBU's recommendations to broadcasters and vendors to promote the adoption of NGA  throughout the broadcast chain.

Rapports - 12 déc. 2018
PSM's Competitive Environment 2018 Membres seulement
This report analyses and provides insights into the activities and business models of the biggest commercial media groups operating across Europe. By comparing their financial results, degree of internationalisation and investment in audiovisual content, the report gives a wider perspective of where European PSM stand among these larger, highly diversified international players.
Autre - 06 déc. 2018
Together - Stratégie 2019-2021 pour les services aux Membres de l'UER Membres seulement
Vous voulez que les Services aux Membres soient un véritable pôle de connaissances, d’expertise et de formation, une source d’inspiration propice à l’échange d’idées au sein d’un environnement dynamique. Enfin, vous attendez de l’UER qu’elle mette sa taille à profit pour nouer de nouvelles alliances et de nouveaux partenariats qui vous assurent une visibilité optimale et stimulent les synergies.
Rapports / Infographie / Diapositive - 05 déc. 2018
Funding of Public Service Media 2018 
This study offers an accurate and comprehensive picture of the financial situation of our Members, providing valuable data and arguments for their advocacy activities. In addition, thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out, the report highlights the impact of current economic challenges and changes to funding mechanisms in different markets.
 Report (Member)  Membres seulement
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 Report (Public)  Connectés seulement
Rapports - 05 déc. 2018
Funding of Public Service Media 2018 - Principales Conclusions Membres seulement
Les principales conclusions du rapport Funding of Public Service Media 2018
Technical Reports - 05 déc. 2018
Business arrangements for distribution of PSM media content & services 

This Technical Report seeks to facilitate a discussion about future distribution of Public Service Media (PSM) content and services, both internally to PSM organisations and externally.

Rapport - 05 déc. 2018
Non-linear scheduling workshop report Membres seulement
The EBU organized a workshop on non-linear scheduling on 6 November 2018 as a shared initiative from the Television Committee and the Digital Steering Committee and presented an opportunity to discuss the challenges of this new role. There were more than 40 participants, representing 16 EBU Members. Those in attendance included heads of digital, scheduling, programming or editorial units, managing editors, planning coordinators, and specialists involved with online and social media platforms.
Rapport - 04 déc. 2018
VOX Report Membres seulement
In 2017 Members started through the VOX Group as a way of meeting together to share expertise, their strategic visions and best practice. Already the EBU Radio Innovation Fund is supporting initiatives which can be shared between Members. Likewise, colleagues in T&I have been experimenting with voice-controlling broadcast radio streams. The level of engagement is already high, and the present report is aimed at providing a snapshot of current industry and Member developments.
Diapositive / Infographie - 03 déc. 2018
The Value of PSM 2018 Connectés seulement
A snapshot of the contribution to society made by the EBU's public service Members.
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Tech 3000 series - 30 nov. 2018
Minimum User Requirements to Build and Manage an IP-Based Media Facility 

Minimum user requirements regarding the ensemble of technologies that a Media Node needs to support in order to enable administrators to efficiently build, operate and maintain an IP architecture based on the SMPTE ST 2110 standards.

Rapport - 30 nov. 2018
Radio Archive Workshop Membres seulement
This report is intended to inform all EBU Members about topics discussed during the Radio Archive Workshop. It explores best practice relating to the archiving process that can be simplified to four stages: Preservation > Digitization > Extraction > Exploitation
Rapport - 30 nov. 2018
Radio Archive Workshop (Public Version) Connectés seulement
This report is intended to inform about topics discussed during the Radio Archive Workshop. It explores best practice relating to the archiving process that can be simplified to four stages: Preservation > Digitization > Extraction > Exploitation
Tech-i magazine - 30 nov. 2018
UHD-HDR-HFR-NGA: can we do it live yet? 

The inaugural European Championships in summer 2018 provided a perfect opportunity to test several emerging technologies. This issue of tech-i looks at what was done in terms of both production and distribution, covering advanced video and audio formats and potential 5G approaches.

26 nov. 2018
Modernising retransmission rights will broaden citizens' access to programmes 
Negotiations on the so-called SatCab Regulation are entering their final phase. EBU and media partners are calling on European Institutions to not miss a crucial opportunity to modernise retransmission rights and thus grant broader access to their programmes for EU citizens.
Prises de position - 21 nov. 2018
Joint statement to EU institutions on e-Evidence 
EBU and partners in the media sector are concerned about the European Commission proposal for a Regulation on European production and preservation orders for electronic evidence in criminal matters
Fiche d'information - 21 nov. 2018
Whistleblower Protection 
The protection of whistleblowers and the protection of journalistic sources are complementary and an essential element of media freedom.
21 nov. 2018
e-Privacy Regulation 
The European Commission has proposed a Regulation to update e-privacy in eletronic communications. PSM support a Regulation which establishes proportionate and consistent data protection safeguards.
Recommendations - 19 nov. 2018
Advice on avoiding 'image retention' on displays 

This publication provides advice to reduce the risk of persistent 'image retention' (so-called image burn-in) on production monitors (and by extension CE) displays.

Rapport d'activité - 11 nov. 2018
Activity Report 2017-2018: News Membres seulement
The digital and technological tsunami which surrounds us, has created parallel climates of promise and of peril. Beyond, the innovation and the opportunities which revolutionize our daily lives making...
Test material - 01 nov. 2018
2160p/100 HLG Test Sequences 

2160p/100 HLG test material shot 'as live' during the European Championships 2018 in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin (Germany).