Social videos: a quickly changing landscape

The title of this Master Class has changed from "Viral Videos" to "Social Videos" but the objectives and the content remain similar.

With the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm – with the aim of promoting posts from friends and family at the expense of posts from other sources – many news organisations are wondering about the future of online video. Should they concentrate solely on their own websites? Do platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube still have a role to play?

The Master Class tackles this challenge head-on. Using the latest examples from the leading internet publishers, we look at how to reach large numbers of people through platforms such as Facebook while at the same time growing the audience on your own website.

The course also explores the main types of video designed for social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram – short news videos, explainers, solution journalism formats, opinion pieces, studio formats and many others.

Each class is tailored to offer insights into the areas of interest to most participants. There are have interesting examples to discuss regardless of the type of video, from news to entertainment and drama.

Who it's for

  • Online video content producers, whether re-versioning or making original video content
  • Programme and channel commissioners
  • Editors-in-chief, journalists
  • Multiplatform concept designers
  • Heads of creative unit, heads of operational marketing
  • Social media coordinators and editors, community managers


  • Social: Learn more about the specifics of each platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram…)
  • Audience: Understand why people share things on social platforms
  • Editorial: Develop knowledge how to frame topics in a way that will work well on social
  • Mobile: Understand how to optimise video for mobile viewing

What you'll learn

  • Identify the main genres of online video and review the principles to be borne in mind when aiming to go viral
  • Examine basic questions such as subtitles, titles and thumbnails
  • Understand the psychology of why people share things on social media
  • Reflect on your overall video publishing strategy
  • Discuss and share your successful, or not so successful, experiences with your European peers


Day 1: from 13:00 to 17:30
Day 2: from 09:00 to 13:00

Content outline

Day 1

Module 1: Social Video

  • Focusing on how the context around video has changed - what factors, such as mobile viewing and platform algorithms mean when producing online videos. It includes issues like titles, thumbnails, aspect ratio.

Module 2: Psychology of sharing

  • Why people share things on social networks like Facebook and how it differs from traditional television.

Module 3: Clinic & sase studies - session 1

  • We look at specific genres of social video - such as explainers and opinion videos - based on whatever will be of most use to the participants. We use a mix of examples from participants and from leading digital publishers.

Day 2

Module 4: Using third party platform strategically

  • Looking at the bigger editorial and strategic questions around short form. What is the best way to link videos on 3rd party platforms, like Facebook, back to platforms you own, like your website?

Module 5: How to organise your content

  • Most TV organisations still organise their content around television channels but digital publishers take a different approach.

Module 6: Clinic & sase studies - session 2

  • We look at specific genres of social video - such as explainers and opinion videos - based on whatever will be of most use to the participants. We use a mix of examples from participants and from leading digital publishers.



Audience Social Strategy Editorial


25 - 26 oct. 2018


EBU Headquarters
L'Ancienne-Route 17A
Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva

Date limite d'inscription

24 oct. 2018

Détails concernant l'inscription


  • 1st participant: EUR 750
  • 2nd participant from the same company: EUR 562.50 (25% discount)
  • Additional participant from the same company: EUR 375 (50% discount)

The price include tuition, course materials and coffee breaks. It does not include any other meals, travel or hotel costs.

Payment and cancellation policy


EBU Academy dot not make hotel reservations. However, we have negociated competitive rates with some hotels near the venue and the city centre. Please contact the hotel of your coince directly.

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