Big data, Ai and Block Chain for Public Service Media

Big data is likely to herald a paradigm shift for the broadcasting industry.

The question is not if, but when and how the industry will shift.

Players that do not plan ahead will have no choice but to adapt to the profound transformation that will affect all levels of the organization: business model, value chain and technical platforms.

In fact, is the broadcasting industry about to face the perfect storm? A perfect storm driven by a double paradigm shift – internal and external:

Internally, technology and big data are transforming the industry’s entire value chain:

  • Broadcasting
  • Content production
  • Programming
  • Advertising

Externally, consumer expectations are also shifting, driven by new possibilities and behaviours:

  • Channels
  • Devices
  • Personalization


Directors and executives in charge of:

  • General management
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Big data


  • Business: Using AI and Blockchain to develop new streams of revenues for PSM
  • Data: Identifying, collecting and using the data available to PSM to better serve the needs of the public
  • Innovation: Understanding how PSM can innovate using machine learning, AI and Blockchain
  • Strategy: Nurturing PSM strategy with the opportunities created by AI and Blockchain


  • Provide decision-makers with a strategic understanding of the technical possibilities and limitations of big data together with the foundation to explore the full implications of big data on the broadcasting industry.
  • Address the challenge of big data for the media industry from a strategic and business perspective.
  • Provide industry players with a clear vision of the opportunities, challenges and impacts of big data on all aspects of their work, from the business model, to optimization and the generation of new revenue streams.


Day 1: from 13:00 to 17:00
Day 2: from 9:00 to 17:00
Day 3: from 9:00 to 12:00



  • Big data: Deep dive into the fundamentals
  • Expert vision and cutting-edge developments in the fields of big data. From data science to deep learning and artificial intelligence
  • Case study and testimonial – Financial Times: How big data and client engagement have become “business as usual”


Three parallel workshop sessions animated by Ecole des Ponts Business School professors and relevant experts to identify key impacts and opportunities for the media industry from three different perspectives:

Workshop 1: How is the very business model of the broadcasting industry being challenged by Big Data?

The goal of this workshop is to examine how the fundamental shift in customer behaviour from passive media consumer to (pro)active media agent will fundamentally impact the broadcasting industry’s business model. As the traditional role of the broadcaster shifts from 'gatekeeper' to 'platform', what opportunities and challenges arise for the traditional players?

Workshop 2: What opportunities does Big Data offer to optimize day-to-day operations?

Big data and its related fields affects the entire value chain of the broadcasting industry – from broadcasting itself and available channels, to content sources and production, to programming and advertising. The traditional model of operations is being challenged at all levels. How can the traditional industry leverage its assets and strengths to best take advantage of these shifts?

Workshop 3: What are the new data-based revenue streams that Big Data could generate?

The rise of data-based business models as evidenced by the likes of Google, AirBnB or Facebook illustrate the monetization potential inherent in data. How well does the traditional broadcasting industry leverage its existing data? What untapped sources of data does the industry have to draw on? What new platform- or network-related activities and services could the industry develop?


After the creative exploration of the workshops, day 3 morning will be dedicated to identifying the concrete opportunities and challenges ahead:

  • Presentation and discussion of workshop takeaways
  • Interactive poll to identify key challenges going forward



Business Data Innovation Strategy


09 - 11 avr. 2019


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