Regional Learning Hub with GPB: Solutions focused news for TV and radio programmes

This online session is part of the EBU Academy's Regional Learning Hubs and will take place at 11:00-12:00 CET via Zoom.

This is the second session on this topic. 

This session will cover how a programme team can produce the fairest, most comprehensive, in-depth and accurate coverage of stories, supporting the audience's understanding of key issues.

The case study will be the successful Danish radio programme called 'Public Service' broadcast on DR in Denmark.

EBU Faculty member Mark Egan will be joined by two Guest speakers: Morten Rønnelund, Editorial Manager of P1 Public Service and Jesper Borup, host of the show who developed the programme. Both will share their insights and learnings. 

'Public Service' is a successful daily radio programme on constructive journalism on P1, DR - a talk radio channel. They aim to take the daily current affairs/news stories one step further. The host, Jesper Borup, is assisted by an expert panel in the studio. All the listeners are encouraged to phone in and share good ideas and solutions to problems from all over Denmark.

For more background information prior to the session, read the EBU's MIS report on 'Experimenting with news fatigue and news avoidance'. An excerpt includes:

"What we should do instead is (..)  have dedicated and focused news moments. Places where people choose to go specifically to get informed by the news. This way we can solve most of the problems we have. We can separate ourselves from all the noise, and we can focus on creating a more intimate and valuable news moment, which is critical for any publisher who wants to be closer to their communities or be more trustworthy.” 

We feel that this is exactly what Public Service is about!

Who it's for

  • Heads of news
  • Editors in chief, editors and reporters
  • News producers

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18 sept. 2020


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More information on P1's daily programme, Public Service

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