Advanced podcasting

This e-Master Class builds on the ‘How to start a podcast’ course which covers the essential mix of digital and audio skills needed to begin podcasting.

Over ten days, this advanced level e-Master Class combines teaching, live keynotes and one-to-one coaching to develop participants’ skills in three core areas:

Storytelling - 2nd March 2021:

  • Storytelling looks at how a podcaster can craft a compelling narrative using a combination of words and sounds.
  • Keynote by Franziska Dorau, ORF: Franziska, an alumnus of the EBU Academy Master School on Radio Documentaries, will share her key learning on audio storytelling and how to translate them into podcasting
  • Keynote by Leslie Rosin, commissioning editor for the Radio Documentary Department at WDR.

Sound Design - 4th March 2021: 

  • Sound design explores how to create engaging soundscapes to transport the listener to other worlds.
  • Keynote speaker tbc

Community Building - 9th March 2021:

  • Community building discusses techniques to strengthen bonds between podcast fans, bringing them closer and creating opportunities for interaction and co-creation.
  • Keynote by Anna Doble, Head of Digital for BBC World Service (English). Anna will share her experiences on community building.

Show & Tell - 12th March 2021:

  • Participants come together one last time to discuss their podcast creations with peers and trainers.


As part of the course, participants will create a podcast using the skills they have learned in the three core areas above. 

Who it is for:

  • Existing podcast editors, producers and presenters
  • Radio editors, presenters and producers with a good understanding of podcasting
  • Participants will be encouraged to share examples of their podcast with the Faculty members prior to the start of the course.

Skills learnt:

Editorial: Balancing journalism with creativity and protecting PSM values
Storytelling: Building presenter roles and storyboarding your podcast; using sound design to create new worlds
Strategy: Where storytelling and strategy collide - exploring vertical and horizontal storytelling
Audience: How to build a podcast community and collaborate with others
Social: Using social media to connect and open discussions with your community.


  • 4 online classes; (3 x 2.5 hours each and 1 x 2 hours)
  • One to one coaching: one 30-min session to be arranged between faculty and participants 
  • Start date: Tuesday 2 March 2021
  • End date: Friday 12 March 2021



Audience Editorial Social Storytelling Strategy


02 - 12 mars 2021


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01 mars 2021

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Fee: €350

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