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The EBU Access Services Experts Group brings together Access Service experts with responsibilities covering subtitling, signed programmes, audio description and audio subtitling which enable sensory challenged people but also persons with intellectual disabilities, dyslexia or language difficulties to access public broadcasters all over Europe.

The group is a platform for decision-makers within EBU Members but also welcomes other entities such as universities, regulators, suppliers and associations. The group is headed by a bureau.


The EBU Access Services Experts Group aims to provide initiatives of the highest quality, celebrate excellence and innovation, and encourage pan-European collaboration while at the same time providing its Members with industry information.

Its main goals are to:

  • discuss the future development of Access Services
  • present showcases
  • stimulate and support the exchange of technologies, products and services
  • achieve standardization in order to develop common formats, guidelines, processes and legislation for authorities and stakeholders 
  • conduct surveys and disseminate statistics

Plenary Meeting

Access Services experts gather once a year to discuss the most important questions during a plenary session which over the years has become the central meeting point for those working in accessibility services across EBU organizations. Members come together to share projects, describe best practices and learn from others’ innovations and novel approaches. The meeting is open to all EBU Members and to special guests by invitation.

Events and presentations



Group members


Gion Linder (SWISS TXT)


Frauke Langguth (ARD)
Siri Antonsen (NRK)

Target group

Heads of Access services, Content Editors, Accessibility Experts

Meeting frequency

The Access Services Experts group gathers once a year.


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Community events

Group meetings