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Erfurt Exchange Experts Group

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Each year in Spring, and for more than 40 years now, producers of magazines for pre-school audiences, including participants from EBU, ABU (Asia) and AUB (Africa) Members gather to network, screen and exchange programmes and items they produce as well as share knowledge and experience. Since 2005, the meeting has been hosted by KiKA - Der Kinderkanal) ARD/ZDF in Erfurt, Germany.

This event is an opportunity for the channels participating in the exchange to enrich their national preschool magazines with input, ideas and savoir-faire from other countries, continents and cultures. Following the rules of the exchange, programmes are thus presented and exchanged for free on an ‘offer one-take all’ basis.

Each year, the significance of this meeting is stressed by the participants who emphasize its importance for their programming slots. They then come up with many creative ideas for potential short and long-term strategies in the pre-school sector.

For more information please contact:

  • Karen Simha : EBU Contact Items 2020 delivery on Showcase   

Group Members

Steering Group

Christoph Biemann (ARD/WDR)
Anka Bogataj (RTVSLO)
Benjamin Manns (ARD/SWR)
Astrid Plenk (KiKA)
Silvia Keil (KiKA)

Participating Members / Organizations

ARD/WDR (Germany)
ARD/SWR (Germany)
BBC CBeebies (United Kingdom)
BNT (Bulgaria)
CTV (Czech Republic)
HRT (Croatia)
KBS (Korea)
KiKA (Germany)
KRO-NCRV (Netherlands)
MTVA (Hungary)
NHK (Japan)
NRK (Norway)
NTR (Netherlands)
NTU (Ukraine)
RAI (Italy)
RTE (Ireland)
RTVSLO (Slovenia)
ALA (ICRT, Cubavision)

Community events

Group meetings