Public Service Media Future Leaders Group

The EBU Public Service Media Future Leaders group aims to influence the current decision makers of public service media (PSM) so that our organizations are still relevant for the audiences of the future. The group members work together to create awareness around the issues that they think PSM leaders should consider (or consider in a different way). They also aim to make their own reflected recommendations around these issues.  

The group consists of young managers working for PSM organizations, designated by their DG, International Relations or HR Departments.

Topics of discussion for the group include:

  • Leadership and culture in PSM
  • How to attract and retain young talent in PSM
  • How to break the intergenerational gaps within media organizations
  • How to repurpose PSM brands 
  • How to transform PSM organizations and stay relevant to the audiences of the future
  • Other topics will be defined in 2021

The first topic of work for the group is “Leadership, Culture and Talent in PSM organizations”. Key findings and recommendations based on the group’s discussions and collaborative reflections will be produced by the group and shared with senior management in EBU Members.

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Public Service Media Future Leaders Group Meeting
Eurovision Italy S.R.L., Rome, Italy, 26 Nov 2021

EBU Co-Chairs

Vanessa O’Connor
Madiana Asseraf-Jacob

Contact detail

Vanessa O’Connor
Director of Member Relations and Communications

+41 79 545 1310
Madiana Asseraf-Jacob
Head of Business Development and Young Audiences
+41 22 717 2230