Human Resources Steering Committee

The Human Resources Steering Committee (HRSC) is responsible for the organization of the Annual Assembly of Human Resources Directors and Managers.

The HRSC also ensures the continuous dialogue between Members through surveys, project groups, exchanges of Human Resources professionals, research and social media activity.


The HRSC has between 6 and 8 elected members, of which half are elected by the annual Assembly for a two year mandate on a rotational basis (half of the members are up for election every year). A member can be re-elected twice for two years, for a maximum of six years in total. The HRSC members need to reflect the geographical and cultural diversity of the EBU.

The HRSC meets 2 times per year, at the Geneva headquarters or at a remote location such as Steering Committee members’ premises or at the location of the next annual Assembly.

Through discussions and proposals from each Steering Committee member, the theme and agenda of the next Human Resources Assembly is defined and speakers identified.

The HRSC takes its decisions by simple majority, quorum being set at 50% participation. In case of parity, the Chairperson’s vote prevails.

Committee Members

Eija Hakakari (YLE)
Therese Oestling-Waller (SVT)
Maria Helena Pereira (RTP)
Kurt Schumacher (ARD/WDR)
Christine Thiran (RTBF)

Contact detail

Virginie Lund
HR Partner

+41 22 717 2023