Media Steering Group

The EBU Media Steering Group was set up in response to a request from Members to provide them with strategic insight and help them adapt their remit and services to the ongoing disruption in the media environment. It supplements the existing EBU governance structures and ensures that all transversal and strategic (as opposed to platform-based and operational) topics are included in the committees' discussions. It also ensures that challenges of interest to the content communities within EBU Members are addressed.

The Media Steering Group is an advisory group that:

  • acts as a sounding board for the EBU Media Director with regard to the department's overall strategy and service portfolio that he/she puts forward after consultation with all the other committees on the services that impact their specific sectors and communities;
  • supports the Media Director to align the department’s services and the committees' work plans and expert groups or networks, identifying synergies, minimizing overlaps and helping to optimize the available resources;
  • monitors and shares experiences and best practices for shared challenges in content strategy;
  • advises the Media Director on the creation of new services to help EBU Members find ways to overcome such challenges;
  • guides the Media Director in designing and running strategic cross-platform and cross-genre initiatives for EBU Media, and any other transversal initiatives defined as strategic by the MSC members and the committees;
  • liaises with the other EBU committees. It helps to align the EBU Media work plans with those of other departments and to coordinate interdepartmental activities.
  • coordinates and aligns EBU Media’s strategic initiatives (cross-unit initiatives), including content projects involving cross-platform production;
  • oversees the outcome (e.g. added value, relevance, impact) of the services that EBU Media provides for Members and advises the EBU Media Director on prioritizing services in case of budget reductions at the EBU Permanent Services;
  • contributes to improving the structure and overall processes and workflows of expert groups (responsibility starting and closing, coordinating overlaps, advising on the allocation of resources).

Group Members

Benoît Balon-Perin, RTBF (Belgium)
Chair, News Committee

Graham Ellis, BBC (United Kingdom)
Chair, Radio Committee

João Pedro Galveias, RTP (Portugal)
Chair, Digital Steering Committee

Markus Sterky, SVT (Sweden)
Chair, TV Committee

Olav Nyhus, NRK (Norway)
Chair, Legal & Policy Committee

Simona Martorelli, Rai (Italy)
Chair, International Broadcasting Committee

Co-opted Members

Tinatin Berdzenishvili, GPB (Georgia)


Frédéric Olivier, RTBF, Chair Academy Committee
Judy Parnall, BBC, Chair Technical Committee
Runar Ostmar, NRK, Chair Sports Committee

Permanent Services

Jean Philip De Tender, EBU Media Director
Madiana Asseraf-Jacob, EBU Head of Media Strategy
Vanessa O'Connor, EBU Director Member Relations & Communications

Contact detail

Madiana Asseraf-Jacob
Head of Business Development and Young Audiences
+41 22 717 2230