Eurosonic Group

Eurosonic is the partnership of EBU stations specialized in pop/rock programming. This unique partnership makes the EBU one of the major players on the current pop music scene by developing and launching projects with festivals, artists and record companies. Special events featuring the likes of Coldplay, Nick Cave, Black Keys, R.E.M, Iggy Pop, Radiohead and many others have been made available.

Members also support ESNS, the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen (The Netherlands), where EBU stations select and sponsor up-and-coming acts to perform at the showcase festival. In 2020, some 29 EBU radio organizations sent 32 bands and artists to this annual event.

EBU Eurosonic stands for one thing: supporting and promoting pop in all its forms.

Eurosonic Group


Hervé Riesen (RF) 


Gerrit Kerremans (VRT) 


Adam Fogarty (RTÉ) 
Olafur Pall Gunnarsson (RUV) 
Anders Jernquist (SR) 
Juhani Kansi (YLE) 
Susi Ondrusova (ORF) 
Laurent Pavia (RTS) 
Hendryk Proske (ARD-MDR) 
Kristo Rajasaare (ERR) 
Andrew Rogers (BBC) 
Robbert-Jan van de Velde, (NPO) 

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