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Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Victoria Hall, Geneva (photo:

The Music Group meets three times a year, and their work is aimed at aligning the Radio music offer with Members' needs and wishes; at showcasing and disseminating the broad spectrum of music produced and broadcast by EBU radio organizations; and at enhancing current activities while proposing and developing exciting new projects. The Group's Chair, Vice-Chair and 11 members are elected for two-year terms at the annual Plenary Meeting. Each Group member is closely involved with the classical music and/or jazz activities within his or her EBU radio organization.

The Music Group supervises the music exchanges, which celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2017. These exchanges give EBU radio organizations access to a huge repertory of live music through around 2,000 concerts offered to each other via the Members' Selections and the Euroradio Package. The latter consists of the ever popular Summer Festivals as well as the Euroradio Season. The Season offers a wealth of events, such as Premium Concerts from EBU radio organizations, the Metropolitan Opera, Let the Peoples Sing, special one-day events (Christmas, Holy Week music) and projects promoting young artists, like the Euroradio Jazz Competition and Orchestra.

This programme offer thus represents a huge range of music genres, from chamber music and orchestral concerts to opera and jazz, as well as the entire breadth of music history, from Bach cantatas and Mozart operas up to the latest avant-garde.

The Music Group also oversees the Notturno night-time broadcasts of interchangeable modules of classical music. It organizes periodic seminars and provides information on topics of interest to EBU radio organizations, in particular the MUSNew data base. A number of subgroups focus on specific topics: Contemporary Music, Contracts/Rights, Opera, Competitions and Radio Awards, Multimedia, Jazz, Premium Concerts' Evaluation and the Radio Ensemble Seminar.

The Music Group also places great emphasis on the sound quality of its live and recorded concerts, as evidenced by its support of the Sound Engineers Scheme.

The EBU Music Group is committed to:

  • upholding and supporting the values in the EBU's Mission Statement and strategy documents
  • enhancing and developing its exchanges of programme, content and services to provide for and respond to the changing needs, interests and concerns of the entire EBU music community
  • keeping EBU radio organizations abreast of the latest artistic, programming and legal developments in music through regular reports on Group Meetings and the Music Group Bulletin
  • offering EBU radio organizations distinctive high-quality concerts and adding value to their programming through emerging digital technologies.

Music Group Workspace

Group Members


Miikka Maunula,YLE (Finland)


Michael Blees (ORF)


Edward Blakeman, BBC (United Kingdom)
Arístides Carra Sainz de Aja, RTVE (Spain)
Marco di Battista, RV (Vatican City State)
Ingvei Eikaas, NRK (Norway)
Bent Grønholdt, DR (Denmark)
Gail Henry (RTÉ)
Maria Kopana, ERT (Greece)
Marco Mauceri, RAI (Italy)
Michael Schreiber, ARD/NDR (Germany)
Tiia Teder, ERR (Estonia)
Alina Velea, ROR (Romania)

Contact detail

Pascale Labrie
Head of Music
+41 79 704 38 18