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Features Group 
The EBU Features Group is a forum for discussion, promotion and production devoted to radio and features within the EBU. Visit the IFC public blog to find more about this Group's activities.
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Finance Group 
The Finance Group is an expert group which reports directly to the Executive Board.
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Folk Music Group 
The EBU Folk Music Group works to enhance collaboration and exchanges among radio organizations in these specific musical genres. The role of the Group is to: assist in the exchange of folk and traditional...
Expert group
Formats Core Group 
The Formats activities are open to all EBU Members. Its purpose is to bring together experts in numerous fields to network on various levels. The main goals of these experts meetings are: exchange in-depth...
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Gender Equality and Diversity Steering Group 
The Gender Equality & Diversity Steering Group helps drive gender equality and diversity to new heights and standards within the EBU Membership by sharing successful policies and guidelines.
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Human Resources Steering Committee 
The Human Resources Steering Committee (HRSC) is responsible for the organization of the Annual Assembly of Human Resources Directors and Managers. The HRSC also ensures the continuous dialogue between...
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Intercultural and Diversity TV 
The purpose of the EBU's Intercultural and Diversity TV Group is to bring together all heads of diversity and slot owners in charge of programmes about minorities from all EBU Member organizations. The...
International Broadcasting Assembly 
Share expertise and views on the challenges and opportunities for international broadcasting entities
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International Relations Group 
The EBU International Relations Group maintains and updates an efficient international programme exchange system, evaluates and updates the working methods and necessary tools in international relations,...
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Jazz Producers 
The EBU Jazz Producers from EBU Members and Associates deal with all activities connected with jazz programming.