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Who we are

We are EBU Members’ trusted partner to drive organizational transformation by providing strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and tailored support.

What we do

We provide tailored support to EBU Members, assembling specialized teams based on the precise needs and circumstances of each request. We employ a unique transformation framework and Playbook methodology developed specifically for PSM organizations.

Our services offer a distinct value proposition, characterized by our collaborative approach with Members. Our teams comprise EBU experts and active PSM professionals, meaning we work as colleagues and collaborators, and not as external auditors. It also means we deliver up-to-date expertise that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our services

Transformation Peer Review

Transformation Peer Review

Our leading programme is an organization-wide review of the transformation status of your organization, encompassing strategy analysis and identification of opportunities. We help Members develop a roadmap for change including pilot projects, key investment areas and how to execute. Involving a select team of EBU experts and PSM peers, this is a three-stage, six-month process consisting of extensive research, an on-site visit, report and analysis.

Agile Consultancy Programmes

Agile Consultancy Programmes

Our agile programmes offer targeted interventions on one of 6 themes: defining mission, vision and goals, transformation roadmap, organization design, distribution strategy, audience engagement, and cultural change. These programmes are streamlined and agile, meaning expertise and insights are delivered at a greater speed compared to the wider Transformation Peer Review. For more information, get in touch with us.

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This course really helped me a lot in my life. I can't imagine my future without it. Life changing experience”
John Smith
John Smith
Director of quotes
I didn't believe it was possible for me to be this excited about writing a review but here we are. It has surpassed my wildest dreams. My dreams have actually changed. Now I dream unicorns and donuts. Life is good.”
Mary Spellman
Mary Spellman • EBU MEMBER
Head of imagination
It was OK, could've been better. Food was terrible so I didn't pay attention to anything else”
Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
Founder of metal humanoids

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