Business Legal Toolkit

EBU lawyers draft and/or advise on over 500 contracts per year in the fields of sport, media and corporate affairs. Building on their experience in business and commercial matters from a broadcasting perspective, we are happy to provide a collection of sample agreements and model clauses that could be of use to our Members' legal advisers in their daily working life.

All sample agreements and legal information presented in our Business Legal Toolkit are illustrative materials only. They are not intended to represent legal advice or opinion. Therefore, Members using these should either be legally qualified or consult a legal adviser prior to use. It is also important to ensure that the relevant agreement will be enforceable under local laws and regulations (or the law applicable to the agreement) and that none of the clauses breach any such laws and regulations.

Ces documents sont réservés aux Membres de l’UER ayant un identifiant.

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Valérie Brackers
Head of Business Legal
+41 22 717 27 72