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Infographic - 03 Apr 2019
PSM & Fiction (Infographic) Login Only
A snapshot of the key role PSM play as partners to European fiction producers and film makers.
Infographic - 15 Jan 2019
The EBU Community in Numbers 
An infographic presenting some key figures about our Members and their services.
Dataset - 25 Oct 2018
EBU Members' TV and Radio Services 2018 Members Only
A comprehensive list of EBU Members’ linear services (TV channels, radio stations, regional and local windows and internet-only streams), including details such as genre, languages and distribution networks. This list is updated annually.
Dataset - 25 Oct 2018
PSM TV Audience 2018 Members Only
Data from the Media Intelligence Survey, including audience data for EBU Members’ measured TV services and for European TV markets in general, with historical series where available.
Dataset - 25 Oct 2018
PSM TV Programming 2018 Members Only
Data from the Media Intelligence Survey, including figures on EBU Members’ TV content by genre, type of production and origin as well as information on advertising limits and programming quotas, with historical series where available.
Dataset - 25 Oct 2018
All datasets: Media Intelligence Survey 2018 Members Only
Built on data provided by over 60 broadcasting organizations, our Media Intelligence datasets provide you with the most complete and up-to-date picture of PSM performance across Europe. This unique collection compiles historical data on Members’ audience and services, programming and content, funding and personnel.
Dataset - 01 Oct 2018
EBU Members' TV Market Shares 2007-2017 Members Only
2007-2017 TV market shares of all EBU Members' measured channels and organization totals
Infographic - 17 Jul 2018
Europeans & Television 2018 Login Only
An infographic representing some key findings from the EBU report Audience Trends: Television 2018
Infographic - 08 Jun 2018
Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Audience Highlights Login Only
An infographic giving an overview of TV, online and social media audience statistics for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.
Infographic - 18 Apr 2018
Trust in Media (Infographic) Login Only
There is a noticeable trust gap between broadcast and new media. While radio and TV are the most trusted media among EU citizens, the internet and social networks are trusted the least.