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08 Jun 2018
Eurovision Song Contest 2018: Audience Highlights Login Only
An infographic giving an overview of TV, online and social media audience statistics for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.
18 Apr 2018
Trust in Media Infographic Login Only
There is a noticeable trust gap between broadcast and new media. While radio and TV are the most trusted media among EU citizens, the internet and social networks are trusted the least.
14 Feb 2018
How does public service media deliver value? Login Only
A snapshot of the contribution to society made by the EBU's public service Members
06 Dec 2017
Funding of Public Service Media (Infographic) Login Only
Discover the value European public service media deliver to the citizens despite the challenge of diminishing financial resources and increasing competition
11 Oct 2017
Licence Fee (Infographic) Login Only
Find out why the licence fee is still the most stable, transparent and adaptable way to fund public service media, and how it delivers value for money for European citizens
25 Jul 2017
The EBU Community in Numbers Login Only
An infographic presenting some key figures about our Members and their services
05 Jul 2017
Europeans & Television 2017 Login Only
An infographic representing some key findings from the EBU report Audience Trends: Television 2017
05 Jul 2017
Europeans & Radio 2017 Login Only
An infographic representing some key findings from the EBU report Audience Trends: Radio 2017
02 May 2017
PSM Contribution to the European Content Industry Login Only
An infographic of key figures outlining the importance of public service media's huge and continuous investment in European content
08 Feb 2017
Digital Radio Roll-out and Offer Login Only
Infographic showing the current status of digital radio implementation across Europe, and the total offer of stations
18 Nov 2016
World TV Day 2016 Stats Login Only
A collection of graphics celebrating the power of TV, shared as part of the United Nations World TV day 2016