TV Content Offer FAQ

Answers to your questions on how TV content offers can be accessed and submitted at the EBU

How is TV content offered to EBU Members?

The EBU works to secure favourable access conditions to world-class content for its members, either by coordinating exchanges of programmes for which broadcast rights are held by EBU Members, or by accessing third party rights. Here are some of the different ways we do this:

Programme exchanges

A reciprocal model of programme exchange, wherein EBU members contribute programmes in order to receive access to those of others. EBU coordinates a rights framework and offers a technical delivery platform.

Content offers

In cases where EBU Members (or third party rights holders) wish to offer exceptional, one-off programming to EBU members it is first submitted to an editorial board consisting of member. If it is considered to be of general interest the EBU can organize a rights framework and organize live or deferred delivery of the programme.

First access windows

In certain programme genres (such as fiction and documentary) the marketplace can be competitive. EBU works to secure first access opportunities for EBU Members to acquire either as pre-sale or as programme acquisitions. In such cases the rights framework and delivery is handled by the content producer.

Collective acquisition

For programmes acquired by a large proportion of the EBU membership, members can acquire centrain programmes through collective acquisition agreements between the EBU and third-party rights holders

What are some examples of EBU Content Offers?

How do I submit a content offer?

If you have an exceptional programme you would like to offer to other EBU members, please submit it via this form.

Accurate information regarding rights, technical and editorial aspects of the programme is required. On the basis of the information supplied, an EBU member group will consider whether the offer is suitable for distribution.

The EBU actively encourages collaboration between its members on content production (‘Co-Production’). Co-producing carries several advantages, all of which contribute to providing ambitious, diverse and impactful

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