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"Bizgeci" for Health in Europe 
A politically incorrect animation series destined to attract the interest of teenagers and adults on health issues that affect them...

Now an adolescent of 15, raised by a grandfather whose values and experience are well anchored in the nature that surrounds him, Heidi leaves her mountain for the very first time...
The Animals of Farthing Wood 
The series deals with the peril faced by the Animals of Farthing Wood: men and machine are encroaching upon their woodland habitat...
Tom is a character larger than life and the biggest friend a kid could ever have...
Muslims in Europe 
How does it feel to be a Muslim in Europe today?

Panorama Europe 
Panorama Europe is a unique record of HD aerial views of European sites and monuments...
European Roots 
European Roots is a unique international series of documentaries about Europe’s own world music...