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27 Mar 2018
Children's Drama Series 
The Children’s Drama Exchange is a production of high-quality, original dramas for an audience of 6-to-9 year olds
Feature - 02 Jun 2016
Call for proposal: The Magic Story Box 
In order to facilitate the exchange of pre-school content across borders, Eurovision and BBC are working together on a new concept of Pre-School Drama Series
26 Nov 2014
The new European police series about the struggle against organized crime...
16 Sep 2013
Eurovision Film Week Exchange 
EBU Member broadcasters participating in Eurovision Film Week have access to the Eurovision Film Week Exchange, a database of films that can be shown throughout Europe, free of rights...
02 Nov 2012
The Cliff 
The Cliff is a drama miniseries about a police detective who tries to crack a bizarre and politically-charged case...
02 Sep 2011
Two Brothers 
Two brothers that everything drives apart except the fact that they're both Jews, meet again in Israel after years of silence...
03 Jun 2011
The Class, Life after 
Two boys have opened gunfire in an Estonian school. Three young people died on the spot, four were taken to the hospital with injuries...
Feature - 20 Feb 2011
The Tour 
A group of actors from Belgrade embark on a search for quick earnings – on a “tour” around the Serbian Krajina...
31 Oct 2007
Now an adolescent of 15, raised by a grandfather whose values and experience are well anchored in the nature that surrounds him, Heidi leaves her mountain for the very first time...