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The New European Songbook - War and Peace 
The New European Songbook - a 2018 multi-platform co-production from the EBU TV Music & Dance Experts' group – features musical responses from across the continent to the centenary of the armistice which...

The New European Songbook 
The New European Songbook - a 2017 multi-platform co-production from the EBU TV Music & Dance Experts' group - celebrates the new music arising from a continent in flux.
Call for proposal: The Magic Story Box 
In order to facilitate the exchange of pre-school content across borders, Eurovision and BBC are working together on a new concept of Pre-School Drama Series

The new European police series about the struggle against organized crime...
An animation series and multiplatform initiative where the heroes explore the principles of fundamental physics in a fun and formative way...

Eurovision Film Week Exchange 
EBU Member broadcasters participating in Eurovision Film Week have access to the Eurovision Film Week Exchange, a database of films that can be shown throughout Europe, free of rights...
The King of Mont Ventoux 
Five of the historical winners of the Mont Ventoux stage race against each other beyond the bounds of time...
TV show
Eurovision Magic Circus Show 
The third edition of a new format successfully produced and broadcast during the Christmas season 2011...
Why Poverty? 
Eurovision's Why Poverty? Day is part of a global initiative to support the broader "Why Poverty?" cross-media event, with an audience reach of 500 million people. Eurovision’s Why Poverty? Day, on 29...

The Cliff 
The Cliff is a drama miniseries about a police detective who tries to crack a bizarre and politically-charged case...