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The King of Mont Ventoux 
Five of the historical winners of the Mont Ventoux stage race against each other beyond the bounds of time...
Why Poverty? 
Eurovision's Why Poverty? Day is part of a global initiative to support the broader "Why Poverty?" cross-media event, with an audience reach of 500 million people. Eurovision’s Why Poverty? Day, on 29...
Collective Minds 
A single ant is not that clever, a colony of ants though is! How can a single unintelligent part become an intelligent whole?

Roma people in Europe 
"Roma people in Europe" is a series that aims to show the variety of individuals and the cultural richness of the Roma community...
Health in Europe 
Health in Europe is a network of TV professionals producing and broadcasting TV programmes on health issue...
Muslims in Europe 
How does it feel to be a Muslim in Europe today?