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TV Content Appeal 
The EBU Content Appeal was launched by EBU Television in response to content shortages across the industry following the suspension of most production in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

European Script Awards 
The European Script Awards (ESA) honour the most original series and film scripts of aired productions written by up and coming writers.
Children's Documentary Series 
The Children's Documentary Series encourages the production and theexchange oh high-quality, original, true-life documentaries for an audience of 10-to-12 year olds.
Erfurt Pre-school Item Exchange 
Educating, teaching, entertaining…

Children's Drama Series 
The Children’s Drama Exchange shares high-quality, original dramas for an audience of 6 to 9 year olds
Current affairs
Eurovision Youth News Exchange 
The Eurovision Youth News Exchange (YNE) is a daily multi-lateral exchange of items for children's' news programmes and magazines.

The New European Songbook 
The New European Songbook - a 2017 multi-platform co-production from the EBU TV Music & Dance Experts' group - celebrates the new music arising from a continent in flux.
New Neighbours 
"New Neighbours" is about people who had to leave their home and try to integrate into a new neighbourhood, new village, new city, new society.
City Folk 
Modern, multicultural city life portraying a colourful patchwork of people living in major European cities...

Generation What? - Europe 
GENERATION WHAT? – EUROPE is the international version of a successful French format developed by independent production companies Yami2 and Upian for France Télévisions.  This transmedia format combines...