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Making European drama available to our Members

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The EBU's drama initiative is a collection of linked activities designed to secure good access to European drama content for EBU Members, with a focus on encouraging co-production and knowledge sharing.

TV drama is undeniably important to public service media (PSM) audiences, including young audiences. In order to stay relevant and indispensable, EBU Members need to offer high-quality drama at a time where commercial SVOD-global players are bringing significant disruption into European markets with substantial budgets and agile commissioning and decision-making.

Experience has shown that co-production deals between PSM and SVOD platforms (becoming increasingly common) come at a cost, notably in the domain of rights, where third-party platforms tend to require significant access, often reducing broadcasters’ own rights to short domestic exclusivity windows. This situation creates difficult access conditions for other European PSM, but also weakens the commissioning broadcaster’s brand association with the series in the public sphere.

The Drama Initiative aims to facilitate access to high-quality content by fostering co-production among EBU Members as a primary source of financing.

To achieve this, a toolkit (‘the EBU Drama Co-production Network’) will allow and encourage EBU broadcasters to work in an agile way among themselves, quickly leveraging co-production potential through the EBU.

Other strands of the drama initiative will create a knowledge hub for drama managers, researching business models for drama co-production and publishing recommendations through a report, while regional networking meetings across the Membership will ensure that all parts of the EBU Membership have access to co-production partners with aligned budgets and cultural characteristics.

If you would like to make or receive co-production offers from EBU Members, or access the business knowledge obtained through the initiative, contact us at tv@ebu.ch to ensure your organization’s contact details are up to date.

EBU Members can find more details about the Drama initiative in the latest .pdf presentation discussed during our recent TV Assembly.



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Elly Vervloet
Coordinator Drama Initiative
+32 2 741 39 50