SayHi Eurovision Kids Friendship Campaign



In November 2023 and for the fourth year running, the Eurovision Kids Friendship campaign will bring kids together to celebrate inclusion and friendship. Children from all over Europe will take part in a dance symbolizing inclusion and friendship, facilitated by their respective public broadcasters.

The common song produced by NRK “Sveve Høyt” (“We’re flying”) will be adapted, translated and produced by all participating broadcasters in their own language. The core message of the song this year is that every person matters and has a key role in society: “We all belong”.

Creative content and shared experiences for this special dance and the underlying messages will supplement the campaign:

  • Starting from September 2023: various content items and experiments around the themes and messages behind the campaign.
  • November 2023: Release of the International version
  • From Monday 20 to Friday 24 November 2023: Members provide their own coverage and related activities across a dedicated #SayHi week.

They join forces by producing potential live broadcasts or off-line events.

7 EBU Members are taking part in the 2023 campaign. Take a look at their songs and videos:

Take a look at the international version of the song.

What is #SayHi?

The #SayHi campaign builds on the successful experiences of EBU Members NRK and VRT, who for several years have been promoting positive messages for children with local campaigns around friendship and inclusion.
In 2022, the EBU has combined efforts to make this experience happen on an international level.

The aim of the campaign is to create positive companionship that includes everyone and reduces children’s feeling of loneliness while appreciating the diversity and differences in all people.
The #SayHi campaign is an important moment for children to join together in a common dance to promote friendship and inclusion – particularly important after the isolating effects of the worldwide pandemic and its impact on kids worldwide.

On this occasion, participating broadcasters will publish their official video clips and posting on social media using the hashtags #SayHi and #WeArePeace, in order to emphasis a message of peace and solidarity.

More detailed information on the Eurovision Kids Friendship Campaign can be downloaded here.

Previous Campaigns


10 EBU Members took part in the 2022 campaign with the song “Den ene” (“The One”). You can take a look at their songs and videos below and watch the international version of the 2022 song here.



In 2021, for the second year running, NRK produced a common song named “Dynamitt” that all participating broadcasters were asked to adapt, translate and produce in their own language.
10 public broadcasters took part in the campaign:

You can watch the International Version of the song here and learn more about the 2021 campaign in this report, where you will find an overview of trends and examples of the participating Members' work, compiled from individual insights.


Music and movement bring people together. Don’t be shy and #SayHi!



#SayHi Common week: 20-24 November 2023

Members Only

2023 Participating broadcasters

ORF (Austria)

GPB (Georgia)

ZDF/Kika (Germany)

LRT (Lithuania)

NRK (Norway)

RTVE (Spain)

SRF (Switzerland)




Contact detail

Amélie Rossignol-Farjon
Senior Project Manager
+41 22 717 2422
Madiana Asseraf-Jacob
Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Initiatives
+41 22 717 2230