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About the initiative

Virtual reality (VR) is an innovative media format that offers new opportunities for content creation, storytelling and viewer engagement. As public service media (PSM) are continuously required to find better ways of serving their audience, unlocking the potential of this new media is a priority. The EBU Virtual Reality Initiative (#EBUVR) is committed to supporting our Members in their exploration by facilitating the exchange of VR-related knowledge, as well as by promoting your work at relevant industry events.

Our services

As 360 degree video, VR and augmented reality (AR) are currently popular industry topics, the EBU Media department is supporting our Members in their exploration of content development and innovation. Our Media team facilitates the exchange of experiences and knowledge between EBU Members and with key industry actors. They produce recommendations, showcase the EBU communities VR work at industry events and help raise funds for the research and production of VR content.

Our EBU Technology & Innovation team co-develops proofs of concept for VR audience engagement applications that could be further rolled out as services. They demonstrate innovative use cases and technologies at IBC and other trade shows potentially, organizes VR technical workshops to harmonize standards, and exchange best practices via technical expert groups. They have also co-founded the VR Industry Forum (VRIF), where you can find resources such as this useful guide on lexicon.

Finally, our Media Intelligence Service (MIS) identifies issues that impact PSM and provides EBU Members with reliable data, trustworthy analysis and relevant arguments to build their case. MIS offer a range of publications that facilitate comprehension of the offer, funding and audience performance of PSMs across Europe.

Featured Events

02 OCTOBER 2017

EBU VR workshop at CROSS VIDEO DAYS 2017

The EBU will contribute to this year's event in Paris through VR presentations, a panel discussion about the use of VR by public broadcasters and encounters between EBU Members and independent VR producers.

20 JUNE 2017


Many EBU Members, public broadcasters from all over Europe, are experimenting with 360 and VR. What are the lessons learned so far and what are the next steps? In this session, representatives from EBU Members will discuss VR and public service media.


Explore our Virtual Reality gallery in Showcase, our media sharing platform, to find innovative projects created by EBU Members and partners. To gain access, you must be an EBU Member or part of our VR community. If you would like to join, please email


Also find more content on social media by searching #EBUVR.


Download our report "Virtual Reality: How are Public Broadcasters Using It?" which gives an overview of EBU Members’ experiences and learning curves as they explore the VR sector and outlines our efforts to help Members succeed in creating high quality, immersive VR experiences.




VR Glossary
by World VR Forum

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Head of Media Strategy & Development
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Sound and Multimedia Research Engineer
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