Defending the interests of Members

For many Members, political interference and financial pressures are daily realities that have raised fundamental legal questions about where state control ends and the autonomy of public service media begins. At the same time, regulatory restrictions are limiting the ability of some Members to adapt to the digital media revolution. When challenges arise, we are there to back you with the strength of the entire EBU community. All requests for assistance should be addressed to the Director General.

Political intervention

Members facing political, financial or other problems dependent on the government of their country may request an intervention, which is led by the Director General of the EBU. We apply pressure by addressing local media, and meeting with high level government representatives and parliamentarians. We also organise strategic conferences with relevant stakeholders.

Whenever possible, the interventions are coordinated with the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Policy development at national level

At the request of Members and governments, the EBU provides legal support and best practice examples for drafting national media laws, especially with respect to funding systems and public service media governance models.

Contact details

Noel Curran
Director General