RDF Properties

Abridged title
Access conditions [ebucore:hasAccessConditions]
Accessibility - signing
Action description
Action edit unit number
Action identifier
Action name
Action normal play time
Action related agent
Action related scene
Action timecode
Action timecode (dropframe)
Action timestamp
Action type [ebucore:actionType]
Activity end date
Activity start date
Adress line
Adult content flag
Affiliation [ebucore:hasAffiliation]
Affiliation end date
Affiliation start date
Agent [ebucore:approvedBy]
Agent [ebucore:hasAwardRelatedAgent]
Agent [ebucore:hasBeenAwarded]
Agent [ebucore:hasEventRelatedAgent]
Agent [ebucore:hasEventType]
Agent [ebucore:isAnnotationBy]
Agent fee
Agent identifier
Agent linked data
Agent member
Agent type
Alternative title
Alternative title.
Ancillary data [ebucore:hasAncillaryData]
Ancillary data format [ebucore:hasAncillaryDataFormat]
Animal birth year
Animal breed code [ebucore:hasAnimalBreedCode]
Animal character name
Animal code
Animal colour code [ebucore:hasAnimalColourCode]
Animal description
Animal gender
Animal groom
Animal Id
Animal name
Animal owner
Animal passport
Animal role
Annotation body
Annotation character start index
Annotation confidence [ebucore:annotationConfidence]
Annotation confidence [ebucore:hasAnnotationPurpose]
Annotation curation date & time
Annotation description
Annotation Id
Annotation name
Annotation related agent
Annotation related artefact
Annotation related event
Annotation related location
Annotation saliency
Annotation target
Annotation text character start index
Annotation type [ebucore:annotationType]
Archiving date [ebucore:dateArchived]
Archiving date [ebucore:dateIssued]
Artefact [ebucore:hasEventRelatedArtefact]
Artefact [ebucore:hasLocationRelatedArtefact]
Artefact availability flag
Artefact box height.
Artefact box top left corner X position.
Artefact box top left corner Y position.
Artefact box width.
Artefact brand
Artefact colour(s)
Artefact comment
Artefact date of purchase
Artefact date of sell
Artefact description
Artefact Identifier
Artefact model
Artefact name
Artefact period
Artefact price
Artefact price currency
Artefact reference
Artefact style
Artefact type [ebucore:artefactType]
Artefact usage history
Artefact website
Aspect ratio
Asset [ebucore:applyTo]
Asset identifier
Asset related media resource
Asset related resource
Asset type [ebucore:assetType]
Asset type [ebucore:hasType]
Asset type [ebucore:organisationType]
Associated agent
Associated asset
Associated editorial object
Associated location
Associated physical resource
Associated resource
Audience score recording technique [ebucore:hasAudienceScoreRecordingTechnique]
Audio bitrate [ebucore:audioBitRate]
Audio bitrate [ebucore:audioBitRateMax]
Audio bitrate mode
Audio channel number
Audio codec [ebucore:hasAudioCodec]
Audio content [ebucore:hasRelatedAudioContent]
Audio content type [ebucore:hasAudioContentType]
Audio description [ebucore:hasAudioDescription]
Audio encoding format [ebucore:hasAudioEncodingFormat]
Audio encoding format [ebucore:hasVideoEncodingFormat]
Audio encoding level
Audio encoding profile
Audio object [ebucore:hasRelatedAudioObject]
Audio programme [ebucore:hasRelatedAudioProgramme]
Audio programme type.
Audio track [ebucore:hasAudioTrack]
Audio track [ebucore:hasRelatedAudioTrack]
Audio track configuration
Audio track number
Award ceremony
Award date
Award description
Award identifier
Award name
Award type [ebucore:awardType]
Biography [ebucore:hasAgentBiography]
Birth place
Bit depth
Bitrate mode
Brand [ebucore:isBrand]
Brand [ebucore:isSeriesOf]
Broadcast date
Business object [ebucore:hasAwardRelatedBusinessObject]
Business object [ebucore:hasEventRelatedBusinessObject]
Business object [ebucore:instantiates]
Business Object type
BusinessObject identifier
Captioning [ebucore:hasCaptioning]
Captioning format [ebucore:hasCaptioningFormat]
Captioning source
Career event
Cast member [ebucore:hasCastMember]
Cast role
Channel logo
Character [ebucore:hasCharacter]
Character description
Character name.
Clone source
Cloned to
Codec [ebucore:hasCodec]
Codec family
Codec Identifier
Codec name
Codec vendor
Codec version
Colour space [ebucore:hasColourSpace]
Contact [ebucore:hasContact]
Contact [ebucore:hasRightsContact]
Container codec [ebucore:hasContainerCodec]
Container encoding format [ebucore:hasContainerEncodingFormat]
Contributor [dc:contributor]
Contributor [dct:contributor]
Contributor [ebucore:hasContributor]
Coordinate system
Copyright [ebucore:hasCopyright]
Costume gender
Costume size information
Costume texture
Costume type [ebucore:costumeType]
Costume type [ebucore:hasCostumeType]
Country of birth
Country of death
Country of residence
Coverage restrictions [ebucore:hasCoverageRestrictions]
Creation date/time
Creation location
Creative Commons
Creator [dc:creator]
Creator [ebucore:hasArtefactCreator]
Creator [ebucore:hasCreator]
Crew member [ebucore:hasCrewMember]
Crew role
Cuisine origin
Cuisine style [ebucore:hasCuisineStyle]
Data format [ebucore:hasDataFormat]
Data track [ebucore:hasDataTrack]
Date [dc:date]
Date [ebucore:date]
Date of birth [core:dateOfBirth]
Date of birth [ebucore:dateOfBirth]
Date of creation
Date of death
Date of death.
Date of retirement
Death place
Deletion date
Department [ebucore:hasDepartment]
Derivation target
Derived from
Derived media resource
Description [dc:description]
Description [ebucore:agentDescription]
Description [ebucore:assetDescription]
Description [ebucore:businessObjectDescription]
Description [ebucore:description]
Description [ebucore:editorialObjectDescription]
Description [ebucore:personDescription]
Digitisation date
Disclaimer [ebucore:hasDisclaimer]
Dish description
Dish name
Display aspect ratio
Display order
Distribution date
Document format [ebucore:hasDocumentFormat]
Dopesheet [ebucore:hasDopesheet]
Dubbed from
Dubbed language
Dubbed to
Duration [ebucore:duration]
Duration [ebucore:eventDuration]
Duration (edit unit)
Duration (edit units)
Duration (time) [ebucore:durationNormalPlayTime]
Duration (time) [ebucore:timelineTrackDurationNormalPlayTime]
Duration (timecode) [ebucore:durationTimecode]
Duration (timecode) [ebucore:timelineTrackDurationTimecode]
Duration (timecode, drop frame) [ebucore:durationTimecodeDropFrame]
Duration (timecode, drop frame) [ebucore:timelineTrackDurationTimecodeDropFrame]
Edit unit
Editorial format [ebucore:hasContentEditorialFormat]
Editorial object [ebucore:isPartOf]
Editorial Object [ebucore:isTimelineTrackPartOf]
Editorial object [ebucore:publishes]
Editorial object identifier
Editorial Object name
Editorial Object type
Emotion description
Emotion edit unit number
Emotion identifier
Emotion name
Emotion normal play time
Emotion related agent
Emotion related scene
Emotion timecode
Emotion timecode (dropframe)
Emotion timestamp
Emotion type [ebucore:emotionType]
Encoding format
Encoding level
Encoding profile
End time (edit units)
End time (time)
End time (timecode dropframe)
End time (timecode)
Episode [ebucore:hasEpisode]
Episode number
Episode number in season
Episode number in series
Essence [ebucore:playsOut]
Event [ebucore:hasAwardRelatedEvent]
Event [ebucore:hasEventRelatedEvent]
Event [ebucore:hasLocationRelatedEvent]
Event [ebucore:hasRelatedEvent]
Event description
Event end date
Event end date & time
Event end time
Event identifier
Event name
Event period
Event start date
Event start date & time
Event start time
Event type [ebucore:eventType]
Excluded territories
Exclusion area
Exploitation Issues
Family information
Family name
Fictional character.
Fictitious contact
File format [ebucore:hasFileFormat]
File name
File size [ebucore:fileSize]
File size [ebucore:resourceFileSize]
First showing flag
First showing on service flag
Food category
Food ingredient
Food style [ebucore:hasFoodStyle]
Format [dc:format]
Format [ebucore:hasFormat]
Format identifier
Format version identifier [ebucore:formatId]
Format version identifier [ebucore:formatVersionId]
Frame height
Frame height unit
Frame rate
Frame size unit
Frame width
Frame width unit
Free access
Gender [core:gender]
Gender [ebucore:gender]
Generation [ebucore:hasGeneration]
Genre [ebucore:hasGenre]
Geographical blocking
Given name
Group description
Group identifier [ebucore:groupId]
Group identifier [ebucore:groupType]
Group member
Group name
Hash code
Height unit
Homepage (private)
I-frame/Gop size
Identification picture
Identification picture locator
Identifier [dc:identifier]
Identifier [ebucore:hasIdentifier]
Identifier type [ebucore:hasIdentifierType]
Identifier value
Image [ebucore:hasRelatedImage]
Image codec [ebucore:hasImageCodec]
Image format [ebucore:hasImageFormat]
IMedia Id
Inches per second
Included territories
Ingest date
Integrated loudness
IPR restrictions [ebucore:hasIPRRestrictions]
Keyword [ebucore:hasKeyword]
Language [ebucore:hasAgentLanguage]
Language [ebucore:hasLanguage]
Licence end date
Licence start date
Licensing [ebucore:hasLicensing]
Line number
Link [ebucore:relationLink]
Link to logo
Link to Sticker
Local familiy name
Local given name
Location [ebucore:hasArtefactLocation]
Location [ebucore:hasEventRelatedLocation]
Location [ebucore:hasRelatedLocation]
Location description
Location identifier
Location name
Location type [ebucore:locationTimeType]
Location type [ebucore:locationType]
Locationcode [ebucore:hasLocationCode]
Locationcode [ebucore:hasLocationType]
Locator [ebucore:hasLocator]
Locator [ebucore:hasResourceLocator]
Locator target information [ebucore:locatorTargetInformation]
Locator target information [ebucore:resourceLocatorTargetInformation]
Logo [ebucore:hasLogo]
Loudness method
Loudness parameters
Loudness range
Main title
Marital Status
Max momentary loudness
Max short term loudness
Max true peak loudness
Maximum bitrate
Media fragment
Media fragment source
Media resource [ebucore:appliesTo]
Media resource [ebucore:isAnnotatedMediaResource]
Media Resource [ebucore:isComposedOf]
Media Resource [ebucore:isInstantiatedBy]
Media resource Id
Media resource type [ebucore:mediaResourceType]
MediaResource description
Medium [ebucore:hasMedium]
Member of
member of Staff
Metadata track [ebucore:hasMetadataTrack]
Middle name
Midroll ad allowed
Migration date
Mime type [ebucore:hasContainerMimeType]
Mime type [ebucore:hasMimeType]
Modification date/time
Name [ebucore:agentName]
Name [ebucore:assetName]
Name [ebucore:businessObjectName]
Name [foaf:name]
Nickname [ebucore:agentNickname]
Nickname [ebucore:nickName]
Noise filter
Normalization date
Not rated
Number of audio tracks
Number of tracks
Number of video tracks
Object/asset type
Office email
Offset end time (edit units)
Offset end time (normal play time)
Offset end timecode
Offset end timecode (dropframe)
Operator, owner
Ordered flag
Organisation description
Organisation identifier
Organisation logo
Organisation name
Original language
Original title.
Overall bitrate
Owner [ebucore:hasArtefactOwner]
Owner [ebucore:isOwnedBy]
Package name
Package size (in bytes)
Parent editorial object
Parent publication plan
Parent resource
Parent season / series [ebucore:isEpisodeOf]
Parent season / series [ebucore:isEpisodeOfSeason]
Parent season / series [ebucore:isEpisodeOfSeries]
Part definition [ebucore:partDefinition]
Part definition [ebucore:partDescription]
Part identifier
Part name
Part number
Part total number
Part type [ebucore:hasPartType]
Participating agent
Person height
Person identifier
Person name
Person type
Person weight
Personal event
Pictogram [ebucore:hasPictogram]
Picture [ebucore:hasLocationPicture]
Picture [ebucore:hasRelatedPicture]
Place of birth
Place of residence
Playback speed
Postal code
Previous name
Primary topic
Private email
production date
Production location
Production synopsis
Promotional information
Provenance creation date & time
Provenance description
Provenance Id
Provenance modification date & time
Provenance name
Provenance target [ebucore:hasProvenanceTarget]
Provenance target [ebucore:isAttributedTo]
Provenance type
Publication plan member
Publication channel
Publication channel identifier
Publication Channel type
Publication end date & time
Publication event [ebucore:hasChannelPublicationEvent]
Publication event [ebucore:hasPublicationEvent]
Publication event [ebucore:hasRelatedPublicationEvent]
Publication event [ebucore:isScheduledOn]
Publication event identifier
Publication event type [ebucore:publicationEventType]
Publication history
Publication medium [ebucore:hasPublicationMedium]
Publication plan identifier
Publication plan member.
Publication plan name
Publication plan stakeholder
Publication plan type [ebucore:hasPublicationPlanType]
Publication region
Publication start date & time [ebucore:publicationStartDateTime]
Publication start date & time [ebucore:publishedStartDateTime]
Publication status
PublicationChannel description
PublicationChannel name
PublicationEvent description
PublicationEvent abstract
PublicationEvent duration
PublicationEvent end date & time
PublicationEvent name
PublicationEvent title
PublicationPlan description
PublicationPlan end date
PublicationPlan start date
PublicationPlan status
Published Duration
Published duration (play time)
Published title.
Publisher [dc:publisher]
Publisher [ebucore:hasPublisher]
Rated business object
Rated Resource
Rating [ebucore:hasRating]
Rating [ebucore:ratingValue]
Rating environment
Rating Id
Rating name [ebucore:ratingDescription]
Rating name [ebucore:ratingName]
Rating scale (min. value)
Rating scale (top value)
Rating source / agent [ebucore:hasRatingProvider]
Rating source / agent [ebucore:hasRatingSource]
Rating system
Rating type
Ready for publication
Reference source
Region delimiter (x-axis)
Region delimiter (y-axis)
Related animal
Related artefact
Related Artefact
Related asset [ebucore:hasRelatedAsset]
Related asset [ebucore:represents]
Related award
Related business object
Related editorial object [ebucore:hasAssetRelatedEditorialObject]
Related editorial object [ebucore:hasRelatedEditorialObject]
Related essence
Related information link
Related link
Related media resource
Related picture
Related press link
Related record
Related resource [ebucore:hasLocationRelatedResource]
Related resource [ebucore:hasRelatedResource]
Related Service
Related text line
Relation [ebucore:hasAssociatedRelation]
Relation Note
Relation Ordered group flag
Relation Running Order Number
Relation source
Relation Type [ebucore:relationIdentifier]
Relation Type [ebucore:relationType]
Release date
Resource [ebucore:hasEventRelatedResource]
Resource description
Resource id [ebucore:resourceId]
Resource id [ebucore:resourceIdType]
Resource name
Resource offset
Resource offset normal playtime
Resource offset number edit units
Resource offset timecode (dropframe).
Resource offset timecode.
Review [ebucore:hasReview]
Rights [dc:rights]
Rights [ebucore:isCoveredBy]
Rights [ebucore:rightsExpression]
Rights clearance
Rights clearance flag
Rights duration
Rights end date time
Rights holder
Rights identifier
Rights start date time
Rights type [ebucore:rightsType]
Rights web resource
Role [ebucore:hasRole]
role Id
Role type
Salutation title
Same editorial format
Sample Rate
Sample size
Sample type
Scanning format
Schedule date
Season [ebucore:hasSeason]
Season number
Series [ebucore:isSeasonOf]
Service [ebucore:isReleasedBy]
Service description
Service genre
Service identiifier
Service logo
Service name
Service type [ebucore:serviceType]
Shooting location
Shot log
Signing format [ebucore:hasSigningFormat]
Signing source
Socail media
Source [dc:source]
Source [ebucore:hasSource]
Staff role
Standard [ebucore:hasStandard]
Start offset time (timecode)
Start offset time (timecode, drop frames)
Start time
Start time (edit units)
Start time (normal play time)
Start time (timecode)
Start time (timecode, drop frames)
Startoffset time (edit units) [ebucore:startOffsetEditUnit]
Startoffset time (edit units) [ebucore:startOffsetNormalPlayTime]
Storage identifier
Storage type [ebucore:hasStorageType]
Subject [dc:subject]
Subject [ebucore:hasSubject]
Subtitling [ebucore:hasSubtitling]
Subtitling format [ebucore:hasSubtitlingFormat]
Subtitling source
Table of content
Target audience [ebucore:hasTargetAudience]
Target audience system
Target platform
Team member
Telephone (private) [ebucore:officeMobileTelephoneNumber]
Telephone (private) [ebucore:officeTelephoneNumber]
Telephone (private) [ebucore:privateMobileTelephoneNumber]
Telephone (private) [ebucore:privateTelephoneNumber]
Text line [ebucore:textLineContent]
Text line box height.
Text line box top left Coner X position.
Text line box top left corner Y position.
Text line box width.
Text line end in edit units
Text line end in normal play time
Text line end time
Text line end timecode
Text line end timecode drop frames
Text line identifier.
Text line order
Text line related agent
Text line related character
Text line related scene
Text line source
Text line start in edit units
Text line start in normal play time
Text line start time
Text line start timecode
Text line start timecode drop frames
Text line type [ebucore:hasTextLineType]
Theme [ebucore:hasTheme]
Time created.
Timecode track [ebucore:hasTimecodeTrack]
Timeline track [ebucore:hasTimelineTrack]
Timeline track part
Timeline track type [ebucore:hasTimelineTrackType]
TimelineTrack duration
Title [dc:title]
Title [dct:title]
Title [ebucore:title]
To define languages associated with an Asset.
Topic [ebucore:hasTopic]
Total number of episodes
Total number of Group members
Total number of group members.
Track [ebucore:hasTrack]
Track identifier
Track name [ebucore:trackName]
Track name [ebucore:trackType]
Track part source [ebucore:hasTrackPart]
Track part source [ebucore:isTrackPartOf]
Track purpose [ebucore:hasTrackPurpose]
Transfer date
Translation title
Type [dc:type]
Usage restrictions [ebucore:hasUsageRestrictions]
Usage rights [ebucore:hasUsageRights]
Validation date
Version [ebucore:hasVersion]
Version [ebucore:version]
Version of
Version title
Video bitrate
Video bitrate max
Video bitrate mode
Video codec [ebucore:hasVideoCodec]
Video encoding level
Video encoding profile
Video track [ebucore:hasVideoTrack]
Width unit
Wikidata [ebucore:agentImdb]
Wikidata [ebucore:agentWikidata]
Word count
Working title
Wrapping type [ebucore:hasWrappingType]