SKOS Core RDF vocabulary


Contributor [dc:contributor]
Glenn Clatworthy, PBS
Michael J. Giarlo, Penn State University
Hugo Cordier, SetKeeper
Drew Myers, WGBH
Casey Davis, WGBH
Christophe Debruyne, RIA
Jack Brighton, WILL Public Media
Cliff Ingham, City of Bloomington
Hugo Manguinhas, Europeana
Guillaume Rachez, Perfect Memory
Valentine Charles, Europeana
Julie Hardesty, Indian University Library
Rebecca Fraimow, WGBH
Valerie J. Miller, PBS
Vincent Dabouineau
Rebecca Guenther, Rebecca Guenther Consulting
Are Tverberg, TV2
Mark Guelbahar, IRT
Jürgen Grupp, SWR
Kara van Malssen, AV Preserve
Dalia R. Levine, HBO
Peggy Griesinger, George Mason University Libraries
Karen Cariani, WGBH
Cedric Klein, Perfect Memory
Chuck McCallum, WGBH
Kim Viljanen, YLE
Knut-Olav Hoven, NRK
Ismail Harrendo, Eurecom
Robert Engels, NRK
Matthieu Parmentier, francetelevisions
Laurence Cook, metaCirque
Tormod Vaervagen, NRK
Marc-Antoine Arnaud, Media-IO
Raphael Troncy, Eurecom
Adam Wead, Penn State University
Sadie Roosa, WGBH
Creator [dc:creator]
Jean Pierre Evain, EBU
Description [dc:description]
Note to implementers: The EBUCore ontology is used by a variety of users with different needs. Several EBUCore properties have no range to allow different implementations using entities or literals. As an implementer, it is your choice to go for one or the other for each property to have consistent expectations when parsing individuals. EBUCore also provides different classes defined as subclasses of skos:Concept. You can use these classes as entities in range of several properties currently left without range. EBUCore is expressed in RDF in order to facilitate such modelling and flexibility. As a consequence, propoerties appear in the documentation as annotation properties.
The EBUCore has been designed to make users benefit from the flexibility of RDF to adapt the names of Classes and properties to their respective needs. This means users are welcome to add their own subclasses (e.g. to define the most appropriate BusinessObjects or Resources or Agents) and subproperties.
Guidelines: for the purpose of flexibility and interoperability with a wider range of implementations, some properties purposefully do not have a range and accept either a resource or a literal. When a resource is used, it is recommended to reuse objects defined in the model (e.g. pair hasEvent/Event or hasRole/Role). Example 1: x hasRole 'actor'. Example 2: x hasRole _:Role_1 (a reference to the Concept identifier from a SKOS Role vocabulary defined in the ontology).
The development of the EBUCore ontology is a joint effort of the EBUCore and PBCore communities.
Publisher [dc:publisher]
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Rights [dc:rights]
Copyright 2020 EBU
Title [dc:title]
EBUCore - the Dublin Core for media
SKOS Core RDF vocabulary
Version 1.10
Delete formatName and use skos:prefLabel and skos:definition.
Add isScheduledOn to associate a PublicationEvent directly with an EditorialObject.
Move generic properties from BusinessObject/EditorialObject, Resource and MediaResource at Asset level (e.g. title, etc.).
Add Concept Theme and define property hasTheme as subproperty of hasSubject.
Create property Asset / hasCopyright with range string or Copyright. Same correction for all Rights subclasses e.g. AccessConditions
Had Review and hasReview.
Correct target of end and start as MediaResource.
Change hierarchy between Resource and MediaResource and provide hasRelatedResource and hasRelatedMediaResource and similar properties.
Delete hasAssociatedRights has already covered by isCoveredBy.
Alignment of Concepts and Types with original EBU and new Dwerft SKOS vocabularies
Add missing multiple range definitions.
Harmonise multi-range definition of properties, when applicable.
Add hasRelationType with domain Relation.
Add formatId to Format.
Change identifier into hasIdentifier.
Add missing Concepts and propose default types.
Delete roleDefinition and use skos:definition instead as Role is a subclass of Concept.
Add reverse property isTimelineTrackPartOf.
Correct property actionType into hasActionType of rnage string or ActionType subclass of Concept.
Add lead as subproperty of description.
Changed subclasses to dc: with owl:equivalentClass or owl:equivalentProperty.
Add property dateProduced and property hasProducer.
Separate mutli-domains and multi-ranges to avoid owl:unionOf statements.
Add roleId to identify a Role.
Add roleType to define a type of Role.
Add hasRatingProvider equivalent to hasRatingSource in specific environments
Add ContentEditorialFormat as subclass of Type + hasContentEditorialFormat property as subpropertyof hastype.
Add Concept TargetPlatform and property hasTargetPlatform as a subproperty of Type.
Add productionSynopsis as subproperty of description.
Add abstract as subpropertyOf description.
Correct misstyped owl:Classes into rdfs:Classes.

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