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23 Jun 2017
PSM Barometer 2017 Members Only
Presents a snapshot of the performance of public service media organizations across Europe against a selection of key indicators, using data provided by Members via the Media Intelligence Survey 2017
22 Jun 2017
All datasets: Media Intelligence Survey 2017 Members Only
Built on data provided by over 60 broadcasting organizations, our Media Intelligence datasets provide you with the most complete and up-to-date picture of PSM performance across Europe. This unique collection compiles historical data on Members’ audience and services, programming and content, funding and personnel.
22 Jun 2017
PSM Income and Expenditure 2017 Members Only
Data from the Media Intelligence Survey, including figures on EBU Members’ operating revenues, staff costs and programming expenditures, with historical series where available
02 May 2017
PSM Contribution to the European Content Industry Login Only
An infographic of key figures outlining the importance of public service media's huge and continuous investment in European content
02 May 2017
PSM Investment in European Content 2017 Members Only
A presentation of key figures detailing the huge financial contribution public service media make to the European content industry, including their investment in original productions and promotion of European content compared to commercial players
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016 Members Only
This study offers an accurate and comprehensive picture of the financial situation of our Members, providing valuable data and arguments for their advocacy activities. In addition, thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out, the report highlights the impact of current economic challenges and changes to funding mechanisms in different markets.
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016: Executive Summary Members Only
Presents the main findings of the EBU report: Funding of Public Service Media 2016
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016 (Public Version) Login Only
This publication provides the main findings and a selection of charts and maps from the report Funding of Public Service Media 2016.
08 Dec 2016
Public Service Media: Value for Money Login Only
Discover the value European public service media deliver to the citizens despite the challenge of diminishing financial resources and increasing competition
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016: Charts, maps and tables Members Only
This presentation provides the main findings and all charts, tables and maps included in the report, as well as additional charts offering different calculations.