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16 Jun 2017
TV Distribution in Europe 2017 Members Only
This country-by-country guide gives penetration rates for DTT, cable, satellite and IPTV across 41 EBU Member countries. In addition, it provides an overview of the main pay TV and SVoD providers and the status of DTT implementation for each market.
23 May 2017
Trust in Media 2017 Login Only
This annually updated report builds on the results of the Eurobarometer survey to provide a comprehensive source of information on trust in media across Europe.
23 May 2017
Trust in Media Infographic Login Only
There is a noticeable trust gap between broadcast and new media. While radio and TV are the most trusted media among EU citizens, the internet and social networks are trusted the least.
08 Feb 2017
Digital Radio Roll-out and Offer Login Only
Infographic showing the current status of digital radio implementation across Europe, and the total offer of stations
08 Feb 2017
Digital Radio 2017 Login Only
A yearly progress report of the roll-out of digital terrestrial radio in European markets, including country-by-country analysis and a look at future trends
16 Nov 2016
TV Equipment and Connectivity in Europe 2016 Members Only
This country-by-country guide gives information about TV equipment, household connectivity and connected devices for 40 EBU Member countries.
21 Jul 2016
Listed Events Members Only
A compendium of national lists of events of major importance for society under article 14 of the Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive
05 Jul 2016
Which media do European citizens trust most? Login Only
An infographic representing some key findings from the EBU report Trust in Media 2016
29 Jun 2016
SVoD in Europe Members Only
An in-depth study including market analysis, description of the most prominent players and their catalogues, and insights about consumer behavior. The report also details PSM organizations' positions regarding SVoD and analyses the broader impact of SVoD on the audiovisual value chain.
26 May 2016
Amazon Company Profile Members Only
The MIS Company Profile provides basic information on the company's activities and insights about its international footprint, operational and financial performance and strategy.