Classical Presenters Forum

Classical Presenters Forum

Presenters are the crucial link between classical music radio broadcasters and their audiences. This Forum is a space for presenters from Europe and beyond to share experiences and best practices. It’s also a place to reflect on new ideas and strategies to promote our output and expand our audiences. The Forum is moderated by Fran Acheson (BBC Academy), lead of the Classical Presenters community.

Past events

Reflecting on classical concert presentation content, online, 1 December 2021
Music in a time of conflict, online, 4 April 2022
Concert Presenters dedicated workshops - Music Plenary Meeting, Cologne, 18-20 May 2022
Who’s listening? Exploring our audiences and what they want, online, 1 June 2022
Presenting opera broadcasts, online, 19 October 2022
Speaking personally as a concert presenter, online, 9 February 2023
Contemporary Music presentation, online, 19 April 2023
The Art of the Concert Presenter, online, 15 June 2023

Upcoming events

Classical presenters and social media, online, 15 November 2023



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