PRESS RELEASE published on 13 Aug 2014 • Department / Unit Radio Communications Eurovision Sport Media

EBU premieres 'Visual Radio' at European Athletics Championships in Zurich

Watch the Visual Radio slideshow above

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is enabling sports fans tuned to radio coverage of the Zurich 2014 European Athletics Championships this week to 'see' as well as hear the action for the first time.

Together with European Athletics. the EBU has created "Visual Radio", a brand new live data slideshow showing results and pictures from the event.

European Athletics´ partners Swiss Timing, the official timekeeping and data-handling company, and Getty Images, the official photo agency, are feeding content from the event to Euroradio.

"The Visual Radio project will deliver start lists, results, pictures of the athletes in action and quotes from participants directly to radio audiences," said Christophe Pasquier, Senior Sports Producer for Euroradio.

"Information from our partners will be transmitted every second so listeners will be taken into the heart of the action and be able to follow each event with instant pictures and data live from the venue."

Public service broadcasters can use "Visual Radio" in 3 different ways.

Firstly, as a DAB+ Slideshow where images are broadcast alongside the radio program and displayed on DAB+ digital radios with a colour screen, including the newest car receivers.

Secondly, Hybrid Radio receivers, which work with FM or digital radio, can automatically download and display images as they are produced. The EBU has created a RadioDNS server for broadcasters that want to start using hybrid radio without having to deploy their own infrastructure.

And finally the slideshow can be embedded in broadcasters´ web pages so data can be accessed online too.

The slideshow is also available, with an English audio feed, via the Eurovision Sports LIVE App.

"The Visual Radio project is a welcome advance for radio broadcasters who now have to think about producing an attractive slideshow while also keeping production costs down," said Mathias Coinchon, Senior Project Manager for EBU Technology and Innovation.

"Euroradio can help them by offering pre-produced international slides that they can add to their existing visual radio flow. The EBU's Technology, Sport and Radio departments have worked together to create a fully immersive radio experience. The fact that new developments are available as open source on the new server, enables direct interaction with users and the ability to develop, integrate and adapt this service for other sports events in the future."


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