PRESS RELEASE published on 06 Jun 2016

Generation What project reaches more than 700,000 young people across Europe

Since its launch nearly 2 months ago, the EBU’s ‘Generation What Europe’ project has seen 715 000 young people aged between 18 and 34 from 31 countries take part in the very first pan-European survey of its kind.

18 EBU Members from 12 different countries are signed up to the project which asks participants to compete a survey of around 140 questions focused on family, peers, self, society, the future, country and identity. 62 million answers have been recorded so far.

The highest number of participants to date have been in France (315 491), Germany (87 856), Austria (63 803) and Italy (57 507).

Switzerland is the latest country to come on-board with EBU Members RTS, RSI and RTR in the French, Italian and Romansch speaking regions now taking part.

Using the questions from the survey, 20 video modules are being produced by each EBU Member in which panels of young people answer questions on camera which are then compared with stats from others who have taken part online.

Four full scale television documentaries about young people and their lives are also being made focusing on the subjects of ‘Intimacy’, ‘Becoming an adult’, ‘My job’ and ‘Me and my friends’.

“We are thrilled that Generation What Europe has proved so popular with young people from around Europe. We have seen high participation numbers in our Members’ countries but also in nations not officially taking part which shows how powerful this project, powered by public service media, is,” said Thomas Grond, Head of Young Audiences.

So far the questionnaire has revealed some interesting results:

  • From the 27 countries answering the question “Should my country should leave the EU” including the UK facing a referendum on the issue on June 23 - only a majority in Sweden, Finland and Croatia said I AGREE.
  • Respondents in 26 out of 27 countries said they felt “European”. The majority of Irish however said no.
  • In Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Austria and Bulgaria the majority of respondents believe previous generations are to blame for problems facing youth today.
  • Gay couples kissing in the street only "bothers" the majority of Norwegians, Swedes, Poles, Hungarians, Croatians and Romanians from the 25 countries who answered the question.
  • Trust in the police is lowest in Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
  • In answer to the question “does society give you the chance to show what you’re really capable of?” the majority in Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey said No.
  • Can you be happy without internet? – Young people in The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary all say they could.
  • The Irish, Welsh and Greeks are the only ones from 27 countries asked who say they couldn’t be happy without a mobile phone.
  • The majority of respondents in 21 countries say marriage is “their dream” but the majority of Spanish, Romanians and Greeks view it as a “piece of paper”.
  • Boys who wear trousers so low that you can see their underpants "bothers" the majority of people across Europe except the Spanish, French and Slovenians!

The 18 EBU Members taking part in ‘Generation What Europe’ are BNN (Netherlands), BR (Germany), Czech Radio (Czech Republic), Czech Television (Czech Republic), ERT (Greece), France Télévisions (France), ORF (Austria), RAI (Italy), RTBF (Belgium), RTE (Ireland), RTS/RSI/RTR (Switzerland) RTVE (Spain), S4C (Wales), SWR (Germany), VRT (Belgium) and ZDF (Germany). 

To take the survey and view all the results so far click here.


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