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EBU seeks to enlarge partnership for further support of RTSH

Representatives from the EBU met with its Albanian Member RTSH and the OSCE Presence in Albania last week to assess the need for further development of the public service broadcaster.

RTSH, with the support of the EBU and the OSCE, has made significant steps forward in their transformation process.

The broadcaster has worked on three key documents – Statute, Editorial Guidelines and Strategy. The Statute is expected to be adopted by the Parliament before the end of the year. The Editorial Guidelines have been completed with the help of Henrik Hansen and Jonathan Stoneman (Eurovision Academy faculty members). RTSH continues to work on the Strategy under the guidance of Boris Bergant.

Now, after laying the ground with new, stable management and key documents, RTSH wants to move to the next stage of reform – improvement of content.

“We highly appreciate the support of the EBU and the OSCE and want to further accelerate the reforms,” said Thoma Gellci the director general of RTSH.

“Positive steps have been taken, but now we have to ensure we offer good content to all the citizens of Albania. We have to improve our local content, because this is our strength and this is what the people want.”  

The EBU, OSCE and RTSH have positively assessed the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year.

The parties discussed enlarging it in further areas, such as:

- structural assistance for implementation of key documents, finalization of the Strategy, development of a business plan;

- capacity development – training of journalists, camerapersons, editors, establishment of a training unit, assistance on archiving, election coverage;

- programme content – RTSH is in a need of contributions, or to buy in at low cost, good programmes;

- assessment and Peer to Peer review.

The Delegation of the EU in Albania has shown an interest and sees this as a good opportunity to support RTSH and complement the plans to launch three media projects next year, including one on RTSH.

The OSCE Ambassador in Albania, Bernd Borchardt, is optimistic about such an enlarged partnership: “Such a partnership will enable us to provide stronger support to RTSH and will send a stronger political message about the importance of this democratic institution.”

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