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Collaboration key to success of Digital Radio

08 February 2017
Collaboration key to success of Digital Radio

The EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published its annual update on Digital Radio advances in Europe as part of Digital Radio Week.

The report, which supports the EBU's Digital Radio initiative, highlights the need for stakeholders to work together to ensure the success of Digital Radio implementation.

This has proved to be the case in Norway, which recently became the first country in Europe to begin switching off its FM signal.

Moreover, the report highlights that progress is slowed in markets where stakeholders are not aligned. Examples include the Czech Republic and Poland, where the inability to build consensus or at least reach compromises between the different parties has halted the roll-out of digital radio.

MIS Senior Media Analyst Dr David Fernandez Quijada will present the findings at today's Digital Radio Summit, being held in Geneva as part of Digital Radio Week.

“For the first time in our report we have a number for all the digital stations across Europe. Our statistics show the complementarity between commercial and public broadcasters’ digital offers,” Fernandez Quijada said.

“It’s important for the growth of digital radio that broadcasters not only simulcast existing analogue services but also add value by offering something new as well.”

As well as giving an update on the main achievements of the past year for digital radio, the report gives an insight into the upcoming trends in the industry, covering areas such as policy and regulation, content and offer, technology and communications.

For the first time, it also presents a complete picture of the digital radio offer across Europe, including the number of commercial and public stations and whether they are simulcast or exclusive to DAB.

The report is publically available to download here.

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