EBU NEWS published on 09 Apr 2017 • Department / Unit Communications

International debate focuses on governance of PSM in Ukraine

150 people from broadcasting, civil society, national authorities and international organisations have come together at a conference organised by the Council of Europe in Ukraine to discuss the role of governing bodies in public service media (PSM).

Strong PSM has been shown to contribute to healthy democracies and the Council of Europe sees it as essential to promoting the values of democratic societies. Independence is a core requirement for every PSM organisation and strong, independent governing bodies are a prerequisite to successful reform. Without real independence of action and initiative, from government as well as from any other vested interest or institution, PSM cannot sustain its credibility and will never gain popular support as a forum for carrying forward the national debate and holding power to account.

The EBU has been working closely with the Council of Europe in supporting the reforms at the Ukrainian public broadcaster and Boris Bergant spoke at the conference on the need for supervisory bodies to act as the ears and eyes of society and not as political organs.

PSM is a key media priority for the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine for 2015-2017, developed jointly with Ukrainian authorities. 



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