NEWS published on 06 Oct 2017

EBU highlights need for constructive dialogue with regulators

EBU Director of Public Affairs & Communications Guillaume Klossa was one of the keynote speakers at an event to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Belgium organisation Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) this week.

The CSA is an independent administrative authority responsible for regulating the audiovisual sector in French-speaking Belgium. It is an active member of ERGA and EPRA, the two European audiovisual regulation networks.

At the event in Brussels, the speakers discussed the new challenges in the media landscape. Klossa said: "More than ever, we need a constructive, forward-looking, fact-based dialogue between regulators and broadcasters.

"Adapting regulation to the digital age, but also to a new media reality marked by delinearisation, fragmentation of the audiences, globalisation of the stakeholders and the increasing role of new platforms is critical. But it needs to be done with the objective of reinforcing pluralism and fundamental rights and preserving national culture and cohesion. In this respect, the role of public service media is crucial."

Public Service Media invest over 17 billion Euros every year in content. They also foster innovation at both a national level and collectively via strategic EBU initiatives such as the Big Data Initiative, the Digital Transformation Initiative and MediaRoad, a new public-private consortium which launches next week in Brussels.

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