NEWS published on 13 Feb 2018

World Radio Day officially marked by EBU and UNESCO in Ivory Coast

Giacomo Mazzone (3rd from right) represents the EBU at the official World Radio Day celebrations in Ivory Coast

The 7th World Radio Day was celebrated in Yamassoukro (Ivory Coast) on 13 February at the kind invitation of the government and Foundation Huphouet Boigny, which administers the "Radio de la paix" antenna created by UN peacekeeping forces during the civil war that ravaged the country in 2010-2011.

13 February was designated World Radio Day by the UN in 2012.

The official celebration was one of hundreds that took place around the world. In many places events have been organized in cooperation with WBU (World Broadcasting Unions).

This year's theme, "Sports and Radio", was widely discussed in Yamassoukro. Panels on access to sport rights in Africa as welll as digital radio use across the continent were also highlights of the day 

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