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2nd Agile Newsroom to be held in Sarajevo

Sarajevo will host the 2nd edition of the Eurovision Social Newswire's interactive learning and working experience - the Agile Newsroom - from June 13 - 15.

The Agile Newsroom, which is an eyewitness media and social Newsgathering event, sees a knowledge and skill sharing between journalists, while working in a real time newsroom environment to discover, verify and clear content for use.

Last year’s edition saw 55 journalists from 23 Members form a newsroom at ORF in Vienna - verifying and clearing over 400 pieces of content in just three days.

Zeljka Lekic-Subasic, Head of Eurovision News Exchange for Southeast Europe’s Coordination Office in Sarajevo (ERNO) said, “We are very glad to be able to host the Agile Newsroom in Sarajevo, a city known for its the hospitality and kindness of its residents, and we will do our best to make your stay in our town special.”

The EBU’s Head of Social Newsgathering Derek Bowler said he was delighted to be bringing the Agile Newsroom to Sarajevo - a city steeped in journalistic history.

“We are looking to build on the success of last year and hope more Members take advantage of what this unique event offers," he said.

This year promises to be an even bigger event with a couple of new features.

A mojo (mobile journalism) desk will be added to the event which will see journalists go into the field to cover some local news events and do some live reporting, The aim is to add another dimension to the newsroom and also offer participants a chance to add to their skillsets.

Another addition for 2018 sees the introduction of a FIFA World Cup-focused desk that will concentrate its efforts on discovering and clearing content from Russia to coincide with the beginning of the tournament.

“The Agile newsroom is a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds and create new ones within the EBU News Community,” according to EBU News External Relations Manager & Digital News Lead Luis Jimenez. “Working with international peers and learning by doing keeps us advancing in social newsgathering techniques."

Supporting this initiative will be teams from Dataminr, Slack and Trello who will be on hand to provide technical support and advice and also show how these tools can help Members' newsrooms.

Registration for the event opens on April 12.


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