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EBU looks forward to digital radios in cars by 2020

17 December 2018
EBU looks forward to digital radios in cars by 2020

By 21 December 2020, car radio sets will have to be equipped to allow digital terrestrial radio reception.

Today's publication in the European Official Journal of the European Electronic Communications Code paves the way for its implementation into national legislation within two years, a technological step the EBU looks forward to.

"We are very pleased and proud to have actively campaigned for this", said Noel Curran, Director General of the EBU. "Having all radios in passengers cars  capable of digital terrestrial radio reception opens up new opportunities for broadcasters to develop ever more innovative services and for audiences to enjoy an enriched and better quality offer when they are on the move."

Data shows that among cars registered in the EU in 2017, just 33% were equipped with digital radio, a total of some 5 Million. The implementation of the Code will mean that all new cars sold as of the date of implementation will have to be equipped. This will ensure European citizens have access to stable and secure radio reception, subscription-free, universally available and not susceptible to data overload.

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