NEWS published on 30 Jan 2019

Digital Transformation Initiative delivers first workshop of 2019 with Czech Radio

The EBU's Digital Unit has visited colleagues at Czech Radio (CR) for a two-day workshop (24 January) as part of the Digital Transformation Initiative. The workshop focussed on the challenges, goals, and priorities for digital transformation within the organization. 

The workshop involved a mixed team made up of employees from across the major departments of Czech Radio and complimented the internal work that's already begun on defining key strategic priorities for making CR stronger and more agile over the coming years, and was an opportunity to explore issues that are shared by many Members.

Examples of best practice were discussed through case studies and live link-ups with Swedish Members SVT and SR, identifying the principles and practices that could be applied to CR.

CR is a strong brand and an institution that is part of the Czech culture and legacy, and an instrument for social cohesion. CR is currently in a strong position, with respected and successful stations that are highly creative and have been able to maintain, renew, and even increase their listenership.  CR have a clear and ambitious plan for digital growth being driven from the New Media Department. However, there are areas for improvement, particularly in terms of internal processes, working across silos, harnessing internal innovation and focusing on the changing expectations of the audience.

The online news platform is state of the art, combining high quality news with attractive formats. Additionally, the launch of a new audio portal is planned for 2019 and will eventually become the main destination to experience CR. Another priority for 2019/2020 will be to further expand the reach of DAB+ to 80% of the Czech population. These are just some examples of how CR are moving into a digital-first mindset.

Building on the work done in the workshop, CR will be looking at better understanding their audience, and specifically how to reach and retain a younger audience, how to overcome legislative barriers, and developing a new model for metrics and measuring success. CR has a strong base from which to drive digital change.


This workshop was part of the portfolio of Member support services developed and launched in 2018.

The DTI provides a range of tailored on-site services, working directly with key stakeholders at all levels for optimal impact. We design these workshops in conversation with Members, identifying case studies and focusing on the aspects of the digital transformation framework most relevant to the host organization.

As an EBU strategic initiative, there is no cost to Members for this service. We also offer bespoke research and advise, alongside strategic support as your project develops. 

If you are interested in having a similar event at your organization, please contact us to find out more. 


The Digital Transformation Initiative helps Members understand the challenges and opportunities of the information age, and support them through their own change processes.

Digital technology has fundamentally altered the expectations, interactions, and consumption patterns of our audiences. As a result, PSM must engage in fundamental transformation if they are to remain relevant in this increasingly competitive and constantly changing environment.

We know that every Member faces different issues, which is why the DTI draws together expertise from across the EBU to address these from a multidisciplinary perspective. We provide expertise, knowledge exchange, and tailored support services.

Together, we help Members build stronger organizations.