NEWS published on 31 May 2021

New Acting Director General of Romanian Television

Ramona Saseanu has been elected as Acting Director General of Romanian Television (TVR).

Ramona has 25 years experience in journalism, both in public and private media, as well as in the management of public organizations, financial management, public relations, psychotherapy and personal development.

She has a degree in Economic Studies and Legal Studies, as well as post graduate degrees in Journalism and Communication, Management of Public Organizations and Psychotherapy. Since 2019, she has been  studying for a Master’s degree at the Faculty for Psychology and Educational Sciences, specializing in 'Clinical psychology and psychological intervention'.

Ramona started her career as a journalist in 1995, at a private radio station and has since worked as a local news correspondent, news reporter, a presenter of social, health and minorities programmes, both in the private sector and at the regional station of public television, TVR Craiova. She has produced a large number of news reports, TV programmes and live transmissions, both locally and nationally.

She has also been the initiator and coordinator of extensive social campaigns, the most recent one being the campaign for supporting the regional hospitals in Southern Romania and the frontline medical staff, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Radka Betcheva
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