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A European Perspective’s expansion and innovation

14 February 2023
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15 media organizations now contribute to the pan-European networked newsroom, 'A European Perspective’. Czechia is the newest member to join the project, with Georgia slated to join in March 2023.

Petr Dvořák, Director General Ceská Televize, said: "Joining ‘A European Perspective’ helps maintain our independence through sharing trusted news from public service media and it’s an opportunity for citizens all over Europe to discover our journalism. We're pleased that the Czech audience will soon be able to read, watch and listen in Czech to the news from our colleagues around Europe."

‘A European Perspective’ collects and translates news stories from across the participating newsrooms. Editors select the stories that will be published, often offering audiences multiple perspectives on a single news item. This gives the public access to news from different countries, pulling them out of a 'news bubble' and supporting media literacy. The variety of content is the key to greater objectivity. The initiative is expanding to social media.

The next objective is to define the criteria for a public service algorithm that will share public service editorial values. The algorithm will showcase the content and services that public service media provide in a digital media landscape and aims to inspire future innovations.

Cilla Benkö, Director General of Swedish Radio said: "Like the work we’ve done on our SR news algorithm, A European Perspective is developing public service media’s identity and purpose in the digital age. Taking it to the pan-European level, and building on the experience of other partners, we are also motivated to maintain our audiences, but our purpose is different from commercial players, even as we work alongside them. Our algorithm’s respect of public service values differentiates us in this highly competitive market and offers audiences new ways to find and interact with our content online."

Other milestones:

  • 1,000 news stories shared per month by news editors
  • 63 million impressions of 44 newsfeeds across 12 news broadcasters between April-October 2022
  • 3.1 million clicks on individual news items from April-October 2022
  • 21 thematic newsfeeds, for example, on climate change or cost of living


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'A European Perspective' brings together public service media organizations to share original online news content, offering their audiences fresh insight into pan-European issues.

Participating public service media contribute to a news recommendation service that helps European citizens to contextualize trending stories and better understand how other countries are covering these issues.

The EBU's own innovative technology is at the heart of the initiative. The Eurovision News Monitoring Tool allows participating broadcasters to monitor online content produced by their counterparts in real-time, using AI-assisted translation, automatic content recommendation tools (PEACH) and filters to identify items of interest that will resonate with national audiences.

Then each participating organization shares its original stories through a Digital News Hub, where they use AI-assisted translations to produce versions in the languages of their audiences, thanks to the EBU's EuroVOX tool and robust editorial workflows.


This project is co-financed by the European Union’s Preparatory Action – “European Media Platforms”

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Andrea Campbell

Brussels Communications Lead