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Extensive live coverage of 2024 European Athletics Championships planned by EBU Members

30 May 2024
This is an image of sprinter Irene Siragusa taking off from the starting block of a European Athletics race
Sprinter Irene Siragusa

The 2024 European Athletics Championships, set to take place from 7-12 June in Rome, Italy, will be broadcast live across Europe and the world by at least 35 broadcasters, including 33 EBU Members. 

In total, more than 1,200 hours of live coverage are planned for linear TV, with many broadcasters also providing supplementary content across their digital platforms. These coverage levels build on those of the previous European Athletics Championships held at Munich’s Olympiastadion.

The participation of EBU Members and other broadcasters will provide free-to-air coverage, ensuring wide visibility for athletics across Europe and beyond. Additionally, complementary coverage of the Championships will be streamed live on the new Eurovision Sport platform, allowing fans to catch every moment of their favourite sports, with all qualifiers and events not covered by broadcasters available on the platform, enhancing the extensive coverage provided by Europe’s public service media.

Producing the Event

The EBU will also serve as the host broadcaster for the event. 29 additional broadcasters will be on site, supported by over 450 accredited personnel. Among them, 21 broadcasters will provide live commentary from the stadium, while 34 Member and non-Member broadcasters will be in the mixed zone to capture the vibrant atmosphere of the arena.

The event will feature more than 50 cameras within the stadium to cover track and field events, including advanced technology like 3D cablecams, railcams, and segways. 12 additional cameras will cover external races, including a helicopter for the half marathon and, for the first time at the European Athletics Championships, the use of drones and monowheels as mobile cameras. These innovations will bring viewers closer to the athletes, delivering more immersive coverage. Additionally, specific cinematic cameras will capture behind-the-scenes and warm-up activities, providing emotional and engaging content.

Another significant innovation project is the "Road to Rome" accelerator programme, developed in partnership with HYPE. The programme has selected companies to test augmented reality elements within the production concept and a cloud-based live mixer. This technology allows rights holders to produce their own unilateral feed without the need for traditional studios or galleries.

Glen Killane, Director of Eurovision Sport, said: “We are thrilled to offer comprehensive and innovative coverage of the 2024 European Athletics Championships, particularly as this will be the last chance to see Europe’s top athletes ahead of the Paris Games. Our aim is to bring fans closer to the action than ever before, using cutting-edge technology to enhance the viewing experience. We are ensuring unprecedented free access through our Eurovision Sport streaming app, designed to complement the first-class coverage delivered by our Members.”

Dobromir Karamarinov, President of European Athletics, said: “The European Athletics Championships 2024 marks a pivotal moment for our sport, offering an unprecedented opportunity for fans to engage with athletics through diverse and innovative broadcast methods. The partnership with EBU and the cutting-edge technologies employed will showcase the very best of European athletics, inspiring the next generation of athletes and fans alike.”

Christian Milz, CEO, European Athletics, said: “The extensive live coverage planned for this year's championships highlights the importance and appeal of athletics across Europe. With the invaluable support of EBU Members, we are ensuring that fans everywhere can experience the excitement of the event. We look forward to displaying the incredible talent and dedication of our athletes on a global stage.”

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