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News - 21 Dec 2016
Eurosonic Festival: Full line up revealed 
Eurosonic, the leading festival promoting new European music, has announced the full line up for 2017. Members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have nominated 29 of the 300 acts who will take to...
News - 20 Dec 2016
Constructive News brings back audiences 
"I think the idea of Constructive News is a way to make journalism more meaningful again. To make people trust us more. And that's the biggest threat right now. People don't trust us because they think we are too biased, they think we exaggerate things, that we tend to focus on their troubles, that we only do stories to generate clicks… they think journalism is just a product to be sold and… that's wrong". - Executive Director of DR News Ulrik Haagerup.
News - 20 Dec 2016
BBC New Generation Artists: the stars of tomorrow in concert 
EBU Member BBC Radio 3 organizes two lunchtime concert seasons, one in summer and one in winter, featuring musicians selected as the New Generation Artists (NGA) for 2015-2017.
News - 20 Dec 2016
In tune with Members: the New Sound Engineers Scheme 
Radio is all about sound, which is why the technical quality of the thousands of concerts exchanged each year among EBU Members needs to be absolutely flawless.
News - 15 Dec 2016
The gift that keeps on giving: Euroradio Christmas Music Day 
The Euroradio Christmas Music Day remains one of the EBU’s most popular offerings. The winning format has never varied since it first aired in 1995.
News - 14 Dec 2016
Season's Greetings from 27 countries via Euroradio 
Everyone loves the holidays! Since its launch in 2000, the Euroradio Folk Music Christmas/New Year Project has only grown in popularity.
News - 09 Dec 2016
Music Programming Survey on its way to EBU radio organizations 
EBU radio organizations offer a wide range of radio content and formats, and music accounts for 44% of total output.
News - 03 Dec 2016
Euroradio: Not one but two nights at the opera 
The world might be breathlessly counting down the number of shopping days until Christmas, but for radio listeners everywhere, early December also means reconnecting with two fabled opera houses in New York and Milan.
News - 02 Dec 2016
2016 News Xchange concludes with call for more constructive journalism 
Constructive journalism is the answer to regain audience trust in the mainstream media news professionals were told on the second and final day of News Xchange in Copenhagen.
News - 01 Dec 2016
EBU New Building Managers discuss challenges in Munich 
Several EBU Members recently engaged in ambitious projects to design new national or regional headquarters. Seventeen project managers and team members from 9 Members and Associates, including South Korea's...