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News - 31 Dec 2013
New Year's celebrations with Euroradio 
Not only will the traditional New Year's Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra be broadcast live on Radio and TV, but
News - 17 Dec 2013
New boost for Euro-Chip initiative 
Three major commercial radio broadcasters or associations –  SkyRadio in the Netherlands, RTL in Belgium and APR in Germany – have now joined the Euro-Chip initiative, confirming their support for the...
17 Dec 2013
Euroradio rings in the New Year with Eurosonic Festival 
European broadcasters will celebrate international musical talent at the opening evening (15 January) of the continent’s biggest live music industry gathering. The Eurosonic Festival is being held at the Oosterpoort Theatre in Groningen, the Netherlands...
13 Dec 2013
Euroradio offers Members a bumper Christmas 
Folk and seasonal music pooled by the EBU community for this year's Euroradio Christmas Project has reached record numbers. A total of 97 offerings have been submitted for the Euroradio Special Day of Christmas Music...
11 Dec 2013
WWI Centenary poll to probe modern views on self-sacrifice 
On the eve of the World War I centenary, European public service radio audiences will mull a series of challenging questions regarding their attitudes towards the ultimate sacrifice.  A questionnaire produced...
05 Dec 2013
Millions of listeners can't be wrong… 
The Euroradio Local and Regional Radio Seminar was held on 2-3 December in Prague at the kind invitation of Czech Radio. Delegates from 18 broadcasting organizations, all specialized in local programming,...
04 Dec 2013
Euroradio probe into the "Perfect App" now online 
A Euroradio quest to find the "perfect media app' concludes that there is no single application currently in existence to serve the needs of every public service media (PSM).
03 Dec 2013
The first Eurovision Film Week opens across Europe 
Eurovision Film Week officially opened across Europe this week with EBU Members devoting significant portions of their broadcasting schedules to European cinema.
Press release - 03 Dec 2013
Daniel Barenboim returns to lead Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert 
Daniel Barenboim is back to conduct the 2014 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (VPO) New Year’s Concert – one of the most hotly anticipated calendar events for the EBU Community...
22 Nov 2013
World Premiere of completed French musical gem awaits Euroradio listeners 
Euroradio audiences will be the first to hear a new composition by the innovative French composer Olivier Messiaen who died in 1992, following the discovery of previously unseen papers.